Memphis Grill Review, the 4 Best Memphis Grills

We all like to gather around a barbecue party, taste delicious mouthwatering meat meals and veggies, enjoy time with family, friends, and relatives.  In this Memphis Grill Review, I will introduce you to grills that definitely help us with that, so in the case of quality, durable grills, the process becomes more enjoyable.

Memphis produces the best grills and guarantees high quality and efficiency. In this Memphis Grill Review, you will see that the products are really worth the price you pay. The success of this brand lies in the fact that they are constantly improving their grills, meeting the requirements of time, and keeping pace with the modern world.   

By using these grills, each of you will master culinary skills and will surprise your guests with a variety of dishes, as Memphis Grills offer several cooking methods (grill, smoke, bake, and roast). In this Memphis Grill Review, you will get to know the best models of this brand.

In general, these grills with their high technology capabilities are a real advantage for today’s man.

By downloading the Memphis Mobile App for both Android and iOS, you will be able to control the grill, even if you are not at home, if you are busy, or chat with a friend. With clear settings, you can save your precious time and control the grill without spoiling your delicious meal.  

Made of high-quality stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum, Memphis Grills allow you to use it in any weather conditions. The creators of these grills did not choose the wood pellet grilling method by chance.

Even today, many cooks, if they have the opportunity, choose wood stoves, because they have come to the view that a dish made by woodworking stoves, grills, etc. is the most delicious.  

So to see how good the Memphis Grills are, let us look at some models to see their features.  

Memphis Wood Fire Grill Pro – 304 Stainless steel 

Made of high-quality stainless steel, this model creates a comfortable environment for cooking. Wood stoves are the most prized by cooks; this really conveys the right heat, taste, and smell of the food. 

Memphis Pro- 304 working by 100% natural wood pellets provides the most important ingredient of the taste; the natural flavor! Imagine a dish made with the smell of natural fire. And at the same time taste a dish made by gas or charcoal. You will definitely find the unique taste of nature in the version prepared by wood.

To work with Memphis Pro – 304, you do not need to make fire, keep it hot, and follow it so that it does not “fade away”. All you have to do is press the button and that is it. However, that is not all, you can get any degree of temperature you want, for example with Direct Flame Insert you can increase the fire and cook with open flame.

Open fire will be very convenient for sear or steak. You will need 1.5 lbs. of pellets to work for about an hour.

By downloading the Memphis Mobile App, you will be able to track the grill temperature, change it wherever you want. It is very convenient when you are outside or when you are not near the grill. You can always go back to the process, do several things at the same time, and enjoy the delicious food at the end. T

he app also allows you to receive notifications when food is ready. There are also recipes in the app that clearly state how to prepare this dish. The application works both for Android and IOS operating systems.  

So, let’s see what specifications this model has. First, the temperature ranges between 180-650 degrees Fahrenheit, and with both Wi-Fi and on the grill, you have the Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) feature, for which a 10-foot wire is provided to connect the grill to the ITC. It has Indirect and Direct Flame Modes.

You have a good cooking surface 574sq. in. (848 with optional grates),  the grill weighs 213 lb. Dimensions are 47″(height) x 57″(width) x 29″(depth). Material is heavy-duty 304 Stainless Steel, which has a double-wall construction with 304 Stainless Steel.

Convection system-dual fan combustion/ Convection system, fuel hopper- 18 lb. Wood Pellet, Dual Bin Hopper: You can check the price, reviews, and pictures more in detail here. 

Because the grill is made of stainless steel, it is quite easy to clean. It is convenient to prepare different kinds of meals, pizzas, meat dishes, vegetables, sweets; you can improvise, as there are different degrees and possibilities of fire.  

One of the features of this Memphis grill is its quite high-quality convection fans. Grill chamber design and advanced engineering combine already provide heat circulation, thanks to which you can cook your favorite dishes.

Thanks to this technology, the food is cooked evenly, and no piece is left raw or poorly cooked, thanks to the low heat, each layer of meat is gradually cooked, so imagine how delicious and juicy meals you can get with this Memphis Grill.

Thanks to high-quality stainless steel, the grill can withstand any weather conditions. And with all these, they give you a 7-year Limited Warranty.  

In the cold winter, you can get delicious and flavorful dishes with a few settings, you just need to turn on the Memphis Grill in advance, about twenty minutes before you start cooking.

Moreover, the use of the app will really help in cold weather, you will control the temperature, the process of being ready and will not be cold outside or if you like to taste or drink something in front of the fire and enjoy the cold winter weather, you can do it too.

It is also important that if there is ice or snow on the grill, you should clean it and then turn on the grill. As well as keep the grill hood closed so that you do not lose the accumulated heat.  

Memphis Grill Pro-430 Stainless Steel   

The next model I want to introduce to you is called Memphis pro-430. It is considered one of the best Memphis grills and is widely used in the market. With its wide temperature range, 180-650 degrees Fahrenheit, you can make a thousand and more things.

Smoke, sear, bake, and roast, do whatever you imagine, this innovative Memphis pro-430 grill can do the job for you.

Overall, you have the opportunity to become a real chef who surprises his guests. You can turn your backyard into a real restaurant. 430 stainless steel construction ensures durability. You can forget about rusting or painting problems. This model 430 stainless steel is good for coastal areas and is more rust-resistant.

The dual convection fans help you put food on the fire, pull it aside, you no longer need to turn it this or that way thousands of times.

Getting a 100% wood fire barbecue, you do not need to think about going back to the fire, filling the wood. You can just adjust the temperature with the app. Well, as you can see, we live in a digital world, making fire should be digital too, right?

In addition, dual convection fans ensure even cooking of meat, so you do not have less or poorly cooked meat, vegetables, pizza, pies, etc. With the help of a meat probe, which is provided with the grill, you can check the internal temperature of the meat and make perfections with your food.

And for beginners, there are recipes in the app, which detail how much heat you need for each dish.

The hood is double-walled and sealed with an oven-grade gasket, which ensures that the heat stays inside.

Because the Memphis pro-430 grill hopper can weigh 18 pounds of pellets, which provides 62 hours of burning, and because it has a dual hopper and each side can contain 9 pounds of pellets, you can use your grill hours and hours without continually filling the hopper. Depending on the temperature at which you use it, it will burn at different speeds.

As much as you increase the temperature, the pellets will burn quickly.

You can also use wooden pellets of different flavors, which will give different flavors to the dish. It depends on your culinary preference and what smells you will choose.  

After hearing so much, you think it will be difficult to understand how to use the grill, but wait; it is super easy to use. First, you need to put the wood pellets in the hopper, then determine the temperature, which you can do with the Intelligence Temperature Control, either with the app or with the button on the grill. Once the temperature is determined, the pellets are automatically poured into the burn pot and you can start cooking.

One of the advantages of ITC is that when the food reaches the temperature you specified, or checked or marked with a meat probe, ITC automatically lowers the temperature to warming levels, i.e. your food stays in perfect condition and does not burn or spoil.  

Let’s see what specifications this model has. Overall size is 57 x 29 x 47 inches (W x D x H); Cooking grid: 25 x 17.625 inches (W x D), has 430 stainless steel construction: Weight is 213 pounds, Wi-Fi controlled both for iOS and Android apps, has 562 square-inch cooking area (834 sq. in. with optional grates) and can be heated from 180 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. 

You can check the price and see more specifications and pictures here 

Memphis Elite 304 Stainless Steel Wood Pellet grill  

Memphis Elite is one of the best models of this brand. Having 304 stainless steel material ensures high quality and reliability. Memphis Elite has a large and comfortable cooking surface – 844 sq. inches, the temperature can reach 180-700°F, which is the highest temperature of this brand, in contrast to the Pro and Beale Street.

It is double-walled, which provides a stable temperature in any weather. So outdoor weather changes cannot be a problem, and the oven-grade gasket also locks the heat inside the grill, ensuring no heat loss. Having two convection fans, the grill ensures even cooking, which is really important for having well-cooked, tasty food.

The Pellet Hopper is quite large, has a capacity of 24 lb., thanks to which you can cook for 36 hours non-stop. It has dual hoppers, so you can mix different pellets and get different flavors.

Memphis Elite 304 Stainless Steel Wood Pellet grill  

Grill dimensions are 69 x 29, x 47 inches (W x D x H), weighs 283 lbs. Memphis Elite also works with Wi-Fi. With its Memphis Mobile App (iOS, Android), you can control the process, receive notifications, use Intelligent Temperature Control, adjust the temperature, i.e., have access to all the features of the app.

This model also has a meat probe with which you can adjust the inside temperature of the meat.  Limited Warranty is for seven years, for electronic parts, you get a 3-year warrantyYou can check the price and see more specifications and pictures here. 


Memphis Grill Beale Street 430 Stainless Steel  

Unlike the above models, Beale Street is a more affordable version and has many differences. Like the other Memphis grills, Beale Street is also easy to use. You just have to fill the wood pellets into the hopper, plug the grill in, choose the temperature and cook delicious meals.

Made of high-quality stainless steel again with dual wall construction, it really ensures durability and quality. Memphis Grills App also manages this model, which is also great.

First, let’s see what specifications this model has. And so, the exterior material is made of 430 stainless steel, the grates are also made of high-quality stainless steel. Dimensions are – width-51, depth-29, height- 48.5. The cooking surface is 558 to 817(optional grates) sq. in., the temperature range is 180 – 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 12-pound capacity hopper allows for up to 18 hours of unattended cooking time at 350 degrees, has single fan convection. The Beale Street Grill has a 5-year Limited Warranty. Limited Warranty is not provided for burn pot, grill cover gaskets. And meat probe is under Warranty for 30 days from the purchase date.

You can check the price and see more specifications and pictures here.  

Memphis Grill Beale Street 430 Stainless Steel  

Memphis Grills Beale Street pellet grill also has Intelligent Temperature Control, so what is the advantage of this? It works with Wi-Fi, allows you to completely control the cooking process. And by using the app for both iOS and Android, you can control the grill from wherever and whenever you want.

When the dish is ready, you will receive a notification or message about it. Isn’t that a great option? It looks like a robot that cooks for you the way you want and saves you time and effort. Even if the food is ready, do not worry about running to the grill right away. It will automatically lower the temperature and stay warm.

In addition, dual-wall construction helps keep the heat inside, especially in cold weather, so keep the hood closed.

Through the fan convection system, the temperature inside the grill remains stable. It heats all the corners evenly so that it is not so hot in some places and cool in other parts. Due to this, it is very convenient to use the whole cooking surface and cook several things at the same time or in large quantities. Memphis Beale Street also has a storage tool that is very convenient to have near you while cooking.  

Memphis Beale Street grill is also easy to clean, you can just turn on the grill at the highest temperature for about 30 minutes, then clean the residue with a scraper, you can also wipe with a damp cloth, then wipe dry; quick to clean, easy and convenient, that’s all! 


What kind of pellet can I use and what kind of flavor?  

It is recommended to use 100% wooden pellets. As you know, you can use different flavor pellets to your preference. Of course, you can improvise to create different flavors, but as a guide, you can use the following flavors with these foods. There are 6 types of flavors – Maple, Mesquite, Cherry, Apple, Oak, and Hickory.

Maple is great for low smoking, Mesquite for Chicken, Beef, and Fish. Cherry is ideal for pork, poultry, seafood, and veggies. Apple is ideal for pork and chicken. Oak is good with fish and veggies, it gives a mild, nutty flavor. Hickory goes very well with meat dishes because it gives the meat a strong taste.  


Where can I store grill pellets and under what conditions? 

Since pellets are made of wood sawdust and are strongly compressed, yes, it is very important to know how to keep them. Basically, you do the same while preserving wood. The moisture level of pellets is from 5% -10% and naturally if left in a damp place, it will lose its shape and burn badly or with difficulty.

That is why you should keep it in a dry and closed place; for best results keep them in containers. So, the lower the humidity level, for example below 10%, the longer pellets can be preserved. 

What does Limited Warranty imply? 

Memphis Wood Fire Grills provide customers with a 7-year Limited Warranty, while the Beale Street Grill carries a five 5-year Limited Warranty. The warranty starts from the day of purchase. The company is required to provide new parts for non-performing parts.

New parts will be provided after the examination, but transportation and labor costs are not included in the service. If you pour hot liquids into the grill, which will cause the grill not to work, your warranty will be void, just as any change to the grill will invalidate your warranty agreement.

You also have to be very careful with the installation, because in case of incorrect installation, if the manufacturer’s instructions are not followed, the warranty will not work, you must follow the rules of use. 

So, electrical components carry a three (3) year replacement warranty. Limited Warranty does not apply to burn pot, grill cover gaskets, or damage caused by corrosion. As mentioned, there is a 5-year Limited Warranty for Beale Street Grill and a 2-year replacement warranty for electrical components for this model.  

How do I connect Wi-Fi to the grill? 

Your internet cord must first be connected to the Wi-Fi card inside the grill. Then you need to find out if the Memphis Grill Wi-Fi system matches the following network security protocols: With WPA / WPA2 Personal, TLS, & SSL. Then connect the antenna to the grill, which is about two inches long.

It must work with these instructions but for any troubleshooting, you can read more in detail in the instructions guide or refer to their customer support, which is fantastic.  

How to clean and take care of the grill?  

For your Memphis Grill to work well, you need to clean it regularly and thoroughly clean it once a year. Clean the grill residue after each use. Before using the grill, clean the dust and dirt. Do not use chemicals or water inside the grill, as they may damage the electrical parts of the grill.

Turn on the grill for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees to burn the residue; you can increase the temperature to burn off any existing leftovers.  

What Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) is for? 

It regulates the temperature of the grill. You choose the temperature you want, and through ITC it will maintain the indicated temperature inside the grill. The reliability of Intelligent Temperature Control is so high that it will ensure the excellent taste of your food in any weather conditions.

By constantly checking the grill temperature, it adds 100% natural wood pellets as needed. And when the grill has reached the indicated temperature and the food is ready, it automatically lowers the temperature to a warm level. All you have to do is to enjoy the food! 


And finally, why are Memphis Grills so popular and good?

The success of Memphis Grills lies in creating wood pellet grills on the market, as well as giving preference to the highest quality stainless steel. While other grills start making wooden pellet grills, Memphis Grills is improving its already existing models in this regard.

By providing the highest temperatures in Memphis Grills, you can sear delicious steak pieces. Many of you will think that wood is an expensive pleasure and that you need a lot of wood pellets for the grill. But it uses as many pellets as a charcoal or gas grill would cost. So there is no price difference.

Another advantage is that Memphis Grills are Wi-Fi/ app-enabled, this is an innovative advantage. Memphis Grills are really the best combination of price and quality. They are designed, engineered, and tested in the USA, in Bloomington, Minnesota, so you can be sure about the best quality.   


As we can see, Memphis grills are really ideal products, if you want to feel what a professional grill is, which will take almost no effort to prepare, then really buy one of these models and you will be convinced of it.

With temperature control, the ability to cook in different ways, innovative management, high quality, durability, buying one of these grills will be a real achievement. If you are a person who likes and enjoys smoking, grilling, etc. and having barbeque parties, this is just for you.

Having one of these grills cannot be a worthless purchase, you get what you pay, and every cent is justified. High quality is what every buyer would like to have. Memphis grill engineers really have taken care of this point and you just need to sit and get it done!  

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