Flat Belly Fix Review, a Detailed Explanation!

Centuries ago, people considered obesity as a sign of wealth and health. But now it is neither one nor the other. The fat belly indicates an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating, and of course, it is anti-aesthetic. Obesity can cause several problems, including atherosclerosis, diabetes, and more. Moreover, a sedentary life contributes to the complication of all this. Fat accumulation is influenced by many factors, including hormonal changes, not doing sports, poor nutrition, as well as serious health problems that need to be treated. In this Flat Belly Fix Review, we will see how to get rid of belly fat in 21 days. This is a program that aims to lose weight through special diets. 

Let’s see what this guide is.   

This program was first developed by Todd Lamb, whose wife successfully lost 23 pounds through this program. While making tea for his wife, he added Cayenne Pepper to the tea. The tea with this pepper started to have a good effect on her. For example, her hair quality changed, her energy increased, and of course, she lost weight.

This product really worked for Todd’s wife Tara, she lost 23 pounds, got rid of unwanted fat, and finally had a flat belly (you can read more in detail  here about this story). However, we will take a closer look at this program and see how it helps people lose weight. Of course, many things are individual, depending on the cause of your obesity, diseases, individual reaction of the organism. 

Therefore, Todd created the online program the 21-Day Flat Belly Fix System, which promises to get rid of excess fat through specially formulated teas, foods, smoothies, and exercise,

21 days Flat Belly Fix Review

We know that belly fat is one of the most difficult to burn fats and of course, unfortunately, it is one of the fastest-growing fats in that area. Even thin people have fat in that area. This 21-day digital program does not require strict diets, tiring endless exercises. We can say that this is a program for those who do not like the above.

This 21-day program teaches you how to start a healthy lifestyle with plenty of information. It includes a variety of exercises, food lists, but it is not the tiring exercises or strict diets you imagine. It is just a way to start a fun and healthy lifestyle.  

The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix System consists of several stages or parts. For example, the introduction talks about the overall program, its creator, the importance of nutrition, physical activity, in short, it motivates you to start the program and achieve the result you dream of.

Then the 21-day program is presented, which talks in detail about the food necessary for the human body to lose weight, the time to eat it, the amount, and the importance of exercise.

The program is presented in pdf format, it is quite accessible, written, and presented clearly. Then the next part shows how to get rid of belly fat. This includes 7 minutes of daily exercise aimed at burning belly fat. Because Todd worked in the SWAT team and everyone there trains every day to be strong and fit, this exercise is based on his experience and its effectiveness.


In the program, everything is presented in detail, the type of exercises, how much to do it; all explained with pictures and descriptions. The program also includes recipes for smoothies that will help remove belly fat. Let me say that smoothies are very tasty and are aimed at improving metabolism and affecting fats.

The details of how to make smoothies, food lists, and more are presented in detail. Make sure they are really tasty and useful at the same time.

One of the next steps in the program is to have your own coach. With this you will get tips, answers to your questions, you will be motivated and move forward. Imagine how expensive it is to have a trainer and  Flat Belly Fix will give you that opportunity to reach your goal. 

The 21 days Flat Belly Fix fix system

Pros and Cons 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the program.  


  1. It is quite informative. 

The 21-day program is full of different information about our body, what we need to do to regulate the work of our body, what lifestyle we need to have, what foods affect us well, what exercises to do. The purpose of this is not to give us diet or exercise tips for 21 days, but to teach us a healthy, new lifestyle, which is not that difficult. That is, the results we have recorded will not be in vain in the future, we must maintain what we have achieved that is what the informative nature of this program is aimed at.  

  1. Improves the nervous system.

The program has a psychotherapeutic nature. Improving our weight, diet, our body can not help but feel these positive changes and because of that our nervous system works more balanced, we have a positive attitude to all this when we see noticeable changes, our mood changes. In general, sports and a healthy diet really affect our nervous system.

         3. You can use the program both online and offline. You can download it to your smartphone, computer. That means you can use it anywhere or you can print the parts you want to print and use it that way.

          4. The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is a really long time for just a 21-day plan. You can use the program several times and if you do not like it, you will get your money back.

  1. It is quite cheap.

The program costs only $37.00. Given that the program includes a lot of information, effective tricks, and tips, the possibility of a personal coach, is quite affordable, and even if you do not like the program, you will not lose a penny, as there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. In short, instead of expensive, long-lasting diets, medications, you can use this program and not even lose money if you do not like it.  

  1. It is not harmful.

Because the program is designed to achieve weight loss through food and exercise, it does not use pills, special liquids that you need to drink that are of chemical origin. All foods are natural, healthy, and healing.  

  1. Helps regulate sleep.

People who suffer from insomnia or poor sleep will experience a significant difference in their sleep routine during these 21 days. A healthy lifestyle generally promotes healthy sleep, and as this program also improves the nervous system, it promotes good sleep.   

  1. Gives self-confidence.

When we like our bodies, we feel more confident in both communication and relationships. We love ourselves more; become motivated, and are filled with new ideas. You can see how you become more comfortable in communication because we start to enjoy ourselves.  

  1. Helps improve skin.

Many users notice skin improvement, brightening, rejuvenation. This is due to healthy foods, teas, smoothies, and exercise.  

  1.  Helps speed up metabolism.

We all know how important metabolism is for the human body, and especially in old age, because it begins to work slowly, as a result of which fat begins to accumulate in different parts of the body. The 21-Day Flat Belly Fix System includes products, tips, techniques that increase metabolism and burn fat faster.  


  1. The program is not available in an audio version, which would be an advantage for many, as not everyone is comfortable reading so much information for different reasons.
  2. It would be good if the book were also available in print.  
  3. The success of the program is largely based on your desire and motivation, if you do not have it; it is difficult to achieve success because this is just a book, not a person who will force you to do the above every day.  


  1. How do they use cayenne pepper in this 21-day program? 

In general, cayenne pepper belongs to the category of hot peppers and gives a very good taste to dishes. Due to its excellent properties, for example, it improves digestion and metabolism, helps to burn excess fat due to its spiciness. The program shows how to make tea from this pepper and you can drink it several times a day, for example, three times. As well as using this pepper in your dishes, eating it also helps burn fat a lot.  

  1. How can I use this program?

There is nothing complicated about using the program. It is an e-book in pdf format that you can use both online and offline. You just have to read the program in detail, be determined, which is very important, and do what the program says. Looking at the feedback from people, we can say that most of them are satisfied and continue to use the program, some need a month, some a year, but if you make a healthy lifestyle a habit, you will see the results very well, so be prepared.  

  1. Where can I buy a flat belly fix?

You can buy it from its official page  theflatbellyfix.com. The cost is $37. 

  1. Who can use this program?

As this program is quite harmless, everybody can use it unless they have serious health reasons where a strict diet is followed or such exercises cannot be done. People who have great desire and determination to use this program can easily use it. The food list is so safe for all age groups. This program will also work well for those who want to lose weight fast, get rid of especially belly fat, and have a flat belly.  

  1. Does this program have any side effects?

In fact, there are no obvious side effects in practice. The foods you are going to eat are foods that are familiar to everyone. They are just used in slightly different recipes. You just have to get used to the routine, the same goes for training, it may cause you some muscle soreness at first, but it is transient.  

  1. Who is Todd Lamb and why did he create this program?

Todd Lamb’s experience in creating this program has been very important. Todd, a former police officer, SWAT team leader, as well as having military experience, has always followed his body to keep it in shape, trained, and strong. He also noted the importance of a good and healthy diet. Thus, in his life experience, he has made sure that healthy food and proper training will always keep you in shape. He used his example to burn his wife’s excess fat, and in 21 days, his wife Tara had significant results.

Therefore, Todd has developed this  diet or program over time, and after hearing the positive results, he became more inspired by other users and continued his work. Of course, he is not a professional coach or a famous person, but he really emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle, understands its benefits and effectiveness, applies it in his life, and offers it to others as well. 

  1. What changes will I notice while using this program?

There will be many changes because it affects the work of the whole organism. The program increases fat-burning hormones so that you can start burning fat, even when you are sleeping, by simply stimulating the growth of those hormones without strenuous exercises. Helps remove bad white fat by replacing it with good brown fat. Promotes thyroid function, which is very important in terms of burning fat.

Improves the condition of the skin; rejuvenates, refreshes, and brightens it. Reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, as well as reduces the number of depression chemicals in your brain, and helps you stay in good mood and have good sleep. You do not feel hungry, because you eat balanced and properly, especially reduces the need for sugar, and strengthens bones.  

  1.  Do they have scientific proof for this program?

Todd claims that the program really works for people who want to lose weight and have excess fat. He used this method on his wife, his close ones and says that it really worked for them. However, he has not published his research or certified it in laboratories. Everything is based on its own experience, users’ results, and based on customer feedback.  

  1. What does the program consist of?

The program consists of the main part, 7-minute exercises a daypart, smoothie recipes, personal trainer opportunities.  

  1. How is Shipping done? 

Flat Belly Fix is an online program, and to have it you just have to  buy it online and you will already be able to use the program. You can either use it online or download it and use it that way. You can also print it if you want to read it that way. 

Customer Reviews: 

The feedback from this program is mostly positive.  

  • For example, a buyer named C. L. Thomas says that it’s worth buying this book, but you really have to dedicate yourself to it. He only used the program for 13 days and notes that he did not use all the recipes and products, but he has already lost 10 pounds. He also mentions that he is full of energy and improved his general health. Although he has not done all the above, he intends to start again and fill in the gaps and advises his friends and acquaintances to use the program. He also mentioned that he could not find some ingredients and that it was a little expensive for him, but he also did not regret it; he restored his health.  
  • Another buyer, K. King, said that the recipes were very good and he liked the taste very much. It helped to lose weight, but as a drawback, he mentioned that it was difficult at first. He also could not find some food and ordered it. Nevertheless, he is really happy with the results.  
  • Another buyer says that his sleep has become ideal due to following this diet. It is also important that the program has become a way of life for him.  

Fats in our lives 

The role of fat in our body is great; it provides a large flow of energy. Burning it is also a difficult process, for example, people who do sports know how difficult it is to get rid of unwanted fat. However, there is nothing in our body just like that; the function of fat is huge. Due to fat, many processes take place without which a person can not live. For example, the normal functioning of the brain. Nevertheless, we must understand in what cases fat is dangerous and its consequences are deadly.  

Fats are divided into several types: unsaturated fats, such as fish oil, vegetable butter, which are very important for the human body. And there are saturated fats that are already very dangerous.   

Thanks to fats, we get a great source of energy, which we can not get only by using proteins and carbohydrates. For example, each gram of fat gives us 9 calories, while for protein and carbohydrates it is only 4 calories. When we do not have a normal amount of fat, our body begins to break down. That is, it begins to eat its own tissues and muscles to get energy from them.  

Thanks to fats we can move, transport nutrients in the body; due to fat, some hormones are produced. So we need to understand that fat is a really important and necessary factor in our life. However, the body can also accumulate fat, the excess of which can cause very bad diseases. If we take in more fat when we eat than we consume, then it begins to accumulate in our bodies. There are many possible reasons why fat accumulates, such as poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

In order not to accumulate harmful fats, we need to reduce fatty foods or try to convert them into energy, that is, to spend it. For example, if our blood circulation is good, our body assimilates fats easily. But with age, the processes in our body slow down and consequently, fats are burned slowly.  

After 30, if we lead a sedentary lifestyle, our body begins to convert muscle proteins into sugar. But if we do muscle work, that is, when we exercise, then we activate lipase, which is an enzyme that breaks down fat. It, therefore, becomes clear that working the muscles, keeping them active, is an important function.

Therefore, along with the right diet, you also need muscle activity, but moderate, too much workload also has its downsides. That is we should do the exercises that make work the muscles and are effective from that point. Flat Belly Fix is said to be in harmony with our body in this respect. It uses the right diet by combining it with targeted exercises. Therefore, it is important to know the role of fats in our lives and get rid of them in a literate way, if necessary.  


So, looking at the contents of the program, we can say that this is quite a practical way to get rid of excess belly fat. This program is intended for everyone. It does not contain difficult exercises or unpleasant diets, in general, a funny process is expected for those who want to use this program. You can lose weight in a short time, and that is the most important thing to have a flat belly without much effort and torment.

Without paying a lot of money, only $ 37, and having 60 days to get your money back if you do not like the program, this diet plan can be a good option for everyone. Just decide clearly whether you want to lose weight, start a healthy lifestyle, and reap all the benefits that the program promises you. If so, then you will definitely succeed! 

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