Killabee Gaming Chair Review, Is It Worth It?

Comfort is an important factor for all of us. Living in a digital world where almost everything goes to robotics, it is impossible to imagine the entertainment world without electronics. Spending hours in front of a computer screen, indulging in virtual life, we sit in the same position and damage our health, especially the back and spine. For this reason, Killabee has created a special gaming chair that is designed to meet these requirements.

Indeed, even computer gurus cannot stand the sharp back pain, numbness of the neck, and fatigue of the hands. Consequently, such players cannot stay without comfortable seats for a long time. In this Killabee gaming chair review, we will see what advantages and quality these chairs have and how well they meet the requirements listed above.

Killabee is one of the best manufacturers in the gaming industry. This brand started its activity in 2001 in Zhejiang, China as an office chair manufacturing company, but after 2013, it also started to make gaming chairs, when the computer game world started to develop and improve more and more.

At the same time, health problems increased, such as constant back and neck pain. Killabee did not lag in proposing a solution to this problem and began to create its own comfortable chairs, already having vast experience in this field.

Finding a good gaming chair is not an easy task. You need to consider several factors to find a truly comfortable and efficient gaming chair. This brand has been in the market for a long time and has already shown its quality over time by creating its highly ergonomic gaming chairs. These gaming chairs help us maintain our health while we sit at the computer for a long time. Because of a bad position, we get terrible back pain, muscle tension.

Studies show that people who sit in front of computers for a long time have muscle and back pain problems more than others. Gaming chairs have proven to help in this problem. They are real game-changers. In short, having comfortable, durable, inexpensive, high-quality chairs has become a real necessity.

Killabee gaming chairs are designed to solve these problems and provide you with high-quality gaming chairs. In this Killabee gaming chair review, we will look at some chairs from this brand and see how effective they are in use.

Killabee Massage Gaming Chair

Killabee Massage Gaming Chair is one of the best, affordable and multifunctional chairs of this brand. This ergonomic gaming chair has been created to provide real comfort for its users. It has a comfortable seating area (W x D) 21.3 x 20.1), a high backrest, retractable footrest. This helps you to be able to use the computer for a long time and not strain your back, shoulders, arms by reducing fatigue as much as possible.

Every detail is designed to give comfort to every part of the body that tends to strain when sitting in front of a screen for long periods of time.

The soft cushioned seat, a rather high backrest, padded armrests, retractable footrest, and the adjustable lumbar cushion that connects via USB and performs electric massage, relieves all muscle tension. The gaming chair can be used by people of different heights, as it is easy to control and change height range. You can also rotate it 360 degrees and recline it at a 90-175 degree angle on the back. Thanks to this, you can use it for different needs: play, work, relax; do whatever you want.

The chair weighs 43.4lbs and can hold up to 250lbs. The backrest size is (W x H) 21.3 x 31.9) and the overall dimensions of the chair are 26 x 26 x 51.2 inches. It is made of faux leather but lasts for many years. So having a massage lumbar cushion, which pleasantly relaxes tense muscles, as well as a controlled backrest, which can be bent up to 90 to 175 degrees on the back, is again aimed at giving you comfort.

The retractable footrest is also suitable for relaxing or watching something. Nylon-based rolling caster wheels allow the chair to rotate 360 ​​degrees and move without difficulty. In short, with this multifunctional chair, you can perform many different functions.

A 1-year warranty is provided if the chair has defects. Customer service is also provided if you have any questions or concerns. However, the brand promises you that their chairs are made of high-quality materials and will serve you for many years.


Easy to assemble

Lumbar Massage support

360-degree rotation

High backrest


Some users point out that leg rest is not necessary because they only use it when they are napping. And if you do not use it, your foot will stick to it if you put your feet under the chair.

Some people also did not like the memory foam. They mention that it is not of good quality.

Customer reviews:

Most of the reviews of this gaming chair are good. Let’s look at the reviews of some buyers who bought this model from Amazon.

For example, a buyer named Aaron mentions that he has bought the chair already a few days and has liked it a lot. He especially liked the padded armrests and footrest. He weighs 155 pounds and would like it to be a little lower so that his feet can touch the ground. However, he liked the chair and recommends it to everyone. He will mainly use it for games and will buy it again if necessary.

Another buyer says that it is a very comfortable chair and it is more than he expected. He especially liked the armrests and recline features.

Killabee gaming chair 8212

This gaming chair is also called big and tall. This means that it is specially designed for tall, overweight people. It will be a great option for gamers. The chair is really made of high-quality parts. It has a very good seat with memory foam, which will ensure you sit comfortably on the chair for long hours, maintaining its firmness. Can weigh up to 400lbs.

The metal frame ensures the longevity of the chair, and the 3D Adjustable armrests provide comfort during the game. 3D Adjustable armrests can be tilted in different directions and heights.

The dimensions of the chair are as follows: 25.4 x 28.6 x 51.1 inches. The chair has high-quality PU leather, which is waterproof, durable, and stain-resistant. There is also a very good backrest on the chair, which you can tilt at angles from 90 to 155 degrees. This allows you to make full use of the chair while playing, relaxing, and working.

This ergonomic chair is designed to give you comfort while you are absorbed in the game. Every detail is designed to eliminate the pain and discomfort you may experience while sitting in a regular chair. Seat memory foam, high back, headrest, and lumbar cushions, wide armrests completely cover your body and keep you from back, neck, arms, and spine pain.

Another good thing is that you can adjust each part of the chair to your height, weight, physical characteristics. It is quite large, for example, the seating area is 21.7 x 20.5 inches, and the backrest is 23.4 x 33.5 inches large. The large size creates really good comfort.

You can change the height from 20.5 to 22.8 inches, adjust it to your height and use it comfortably. Assembling a chair is quite simple and easy. If you have difficulty, you can watch videos about the assembling of these chairs, which Killabee posts on the Internet. You can also follow the instruction manual and use that option to assemble the gaming chair.

When you finish assembling, you will see how wonderful it turns out. In short, the soft, dense sponge will serve you for many years and will again provide good quality. You can bend the chair with different inclinations and height, change the position of the armrests, with the wheels you can roll very softly on different surfaces.

For its price, you can have a really good chair. By the way, you can check the price and other details here.

killabee gaming chair review


Reasonable price

Comfortable and supportive

Solid metal base

Lots of options to suit your needs


Over time, some parts may become squeaky, and the Memory foam sponge may shrink in size and become less comfortable.

Customer reviews:

A buyer named Jonathan Lustenader, who bought this gaming chair, wrote on the brand’s official page that when he started working from home for Covid-19 reasons, he tried many different chairs and needed a good chair with which he could sit at the computer for a long time.

The buyer really liked this 8212 Killabee chair. He mentions that since he is quite tall and has a big body, the chair is very comfortable from that point of view. He also mentions that it is very easy to adjust the chair to suit his needs.

Another buyer, Failhat, says that it’s a wonderful chair. He can’t walk and mentions that it is very important for him to have a good and comfortable chair. And because he works as a streamer, he sits in a chair for a long time. So, the buyer is very grateful for the Killabee brand for producing such a good and affordable chair.

Killabee Racing Gaming Chair 8204

The other Killabee gaming chair, racing-style 8204 is again one of the best models of this brand. You can use this ergonomic chair for both playing and working in a comfortable environment for long hours. It can weigh up to 350 lbs. and will be suitable for people up to 6’1 inches tall. The chair is comfortable because memory foam is used for the seating area, the density of which allows you to use the chair for long hours. The metal frame with its explosion-proof gas springs ensures the safe use of chairs for people of different weights.

Killabee 8204 will suit normal-sized people. The memory foam with its thick sponge will ensure comfortable use for long hours. The retractable footrest is a good way to lean on tired legs and relax a bit. The chair can recline up to 170°. The modern USB electric massager relaxes and energizes your tense muscles with a lumbar cushion.

The warranty for the Killabee 820 is the same as for all other Killabee seats, it is 1 year. This includes using the chair 40 hours a week.

In short, Killabee 8204 is a very successful version and has an affordable price. Its high-quality PU leather, which gives the chair a beautiful look, also helps it to withstand prolonged use.

killabee gaming chair 8204


Seating area width – 22.4 inches

Backrest dimension (WxH) – 22. 4 x 32. 7 inches

Frame construction – steel

Upholstery material – PU leather

Foam – high-density sponge

Armrests – 1D

Recline – 90-155 degrees

Maximum load – 350lbs

Weight – 57 lbs

Customer reviews:

For example, a buyer named Bobbi, who bought the chair from the official Killabee page and made a note there says that she bought the chair for her fiancé and that he liked the chair very much. She also mentions that there was a problem with the armrest, but they contacted the company and they have already provided that part.

She states that she is satisfied with the response of the company and the quick solution to the problem. Her fiancé is 6.2 tall and weighs 230 pounds and is very happy that it fits his size. She also mentions that because of her mistake; she cleaned the greased parts with paper as she hadn’t seen the glove in the box, which was intended to help you not get dirty while you are cleaning the chair.

However, since she has already cleaned those parts with paper, the chair crunches a little. Anyway, she is happy with her purchase and does not regret a penny.

Another buyer writes that she bought the chair for her husband as a work chair and again they are very happy with their purchase. They especially liked that they could customize the chair in different ways according to their needs. They use all the features and consider it very useful for their family.


1. What quality KillaBee chairs have?

All KillaBee chairs are of a very high quality, designed for long hours of use both for gaming and for office work. KillaBee specialists have designed quite comfortable chairs, they will last you a long time, and have a variety of features that you can easily use.

2. How to assemble the chair properly? 

Be sure to use the instruction manual included in the box, which details the steps for assembling the chair, as well as instructional videos that you can watch and assemble the chair more accurately.

3. Who can use Killabee chairs?

The Killabee specialists have designed chairs both for gamers and for office workers. They are quite affordable and suitable for budget buyers. People of different weights can use different models of these chairs; both normal-sized and heavy. The chairs are especially appealing to gamers, both in their design and in their many features.

4. What warranty conditions does Killabee offer?

Killabee offers a 1-year warranty on all chairs if you have defective parts. The guarantee is valid from the day of purchase. There is no guarantee if the chair is worn out and outdated in the case of normal operation (40 hours a week).

There is also no guarantee if the chair has been misused or overloaded if some things have been changed or added to the chair, if the chair assembly has not been done correctly as shown in the instruction manual and if the chairs have been used for commercial purposes. In all these cases the warranty does not work, hence, take caution.

5. How does Killabee do the shipping process?

Before shipping, there is also the order processing time, which can take 3-5 days, after which they will do the delivery via UPS, FedEx, so it comes out that they will do the total shipping in 5-7 days, i.e. you can receive your product in 1 week at the latest. There are 2 types of shipping: standard and dedicated service. In the case of standard shipping, which is the default shipping, it is carried out in the US in cooperation with UPS and FedEx, and in the European Union, Killabee cooperates with GSL.

In the case of dedicated service, they are already dealing with special customers. Here, the customer is provided with individual information about the order; where it is, and that everything is ok with the shipment. While in the case of standard delivery only a tracking URL can be provided.

6. Can I return and refund my purchase?

Killabee has a 30-day return policy, which means that after receiving the product, you only have 30 days to return it and get your money back. However, for this point to work, you must return the product as it was delivered to you, i.e. unused and undamaged, packaged according to its original version and with all purchase papers.

If you still want to return the product, please contact If they accept your application, they will send a return shipping label to you, as well as other details regarding the return. Be careful to apply for the return application first. If you return the product without this process, they will not accept it.

And if you want to cancel the order in advance, you can write an e-mail to the company to cancel the order. But do it within 1-2 days, because if they have already shipped the order, you will not be able to cancel it. In the future, the website will also add a cancel button, which will speed up the process.

7. How to care for Killabee gaming chairs?

In the case of any product, it is important to use it with care, no matter how good or durable it is. First, keep it clean, you can clean the leather parts with a damp cloth. Keep it away from direct sunlight, as this will damage its PU leather and it can wear out quickly. Keep it away from sharp-cutting tools. Also keep your pets away, as they can damage PU leather with their claws and bite pillows too.

You need to take care of the fabric too. We can suggest you vacuum the dirt, and if you spill any liquid, wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth. You can also use fiber cleaners, but at first try on a small or invisible part, if it does not spoil the fiber, you can use it safely.

8. How can I make payment?

You can pay by credit card or by PayPal. Work is also underway to open Apple and Google pay too.

9. What organization is Killabee?

Killabee began its story in 2013, as the demand for gaming chairs grew in the market. Before that, Killabee, having been known in the market for its office chairs, decided to create special gaming chairs and offer solutions to existing problems. They focused on ergonomic design, made chairs for people of all weights, and, of course, paid attention to high quality and affordable price.

10. How can I contact the company?

Killabee’s office is located at 7887 E Belleview Ave. Suite 1100, Denver, CO, United States. Their phone number is +86 13157199070. Working hours are Monday through Friday 9 A.M. – 6 A.M. PST, and on Saturdays 9 A.M. – 12 P.M. PST. They answer emails within 24 hours; you can also use the Chatbox section on the website.


Summing up the Killabee brand gaming chair review, we can say that this brand offers high-quality and affordable gaming chairs. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose one of the chairs that suits your needs. It is really worth buying chairs from this brand. It is especially suitable for those who want to find a budget option.

This brand provides comfort when used for a long time. At the same time, the chairs do not harm our health, but on the contrary, due to their ergonomic design, ensure the correct position of our spine, neck, and general body.

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