Best Homage Watches, A Complete Review!



Many of you have probably heard of homage watches, have different opinions, know some things, and would like to know more based on a few examples. First of all, let me say that homage watches are not fake or duplicate versions you know. The name itself suggests what they can be as you guess. So homage watches are the watches whose manufacturers, when liking the famous design and idea of ​​the watch, make counterparts of them. By the way, they inform that those watches are not the original ones and are an homage to the exact model, while others fake the brand and logo boasting it to be the exact brand. In this review, we will discuss Best Homage Watches and see how they differ and what the pros and cons are.

The main advantage of this is that you can buy such a watch at a cheaper price. Homage watch manufacturers seem to respect their original creators, appreciating their creative work, while at the same time allowing others to enjoy the work of the brands they love so much.

There are ideal brands in the world, known for their originality, perfection, quality, and uniqueness. Many of us strive to be able to buy from these products, to have them, and consider ourselves a part of the features that these brands create around them. To be at the top, to wear the best, the highest, the most elegant and classy, this is what everyone eagers. Watches are accessories that have been an integral part of the fashion industry and are a necessity for humankind since their creation.

If we take a closer look, the history of homage watches is not new. I would call it a history of inspiration. Even well-known brands can create their homage watches, either from a model of their brand or inspired by another brand of watches, for example, from the brands before them. This is a really interesting world; interacting with each other, inspiring, bringing out the forgotten, or adding a new detail, thus changing almost the entire design, brands and organizations create constantly changing types.

We will now discuss Best Homage Watches in this review and better understand what they are.

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Homage Watch (model 8926OB)


Invicta is a watch company founded in Switzerland and then bought by an American company. The company offers beautiful and affordable watches. For example, this model Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB, which has a very beautiful and classic look, is from Invicta’s Pro Diver series.

The case of Invicta 8926OB is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 40 millimeters and a thickness of 14 millimeters. The company produced this model in 2011. The dial window is made of mineral crystal, which means that it has some elements that create a solid surface that does not allow scratches to occur easily. Band length and width are 20 millimeters.

Rolex Submariner inspires the design of this watch. It’s so similar that many even take this watch as a cheap replica of that Rolex model. Even in size, it is very similar to the Rolex Submariner model. The movement of the watch is the Japanese automatic version. It is the Seiko NH35A automatic movement, which is one of the best quality, and accurate movements for watches. Microbrand watches widely use this type of movement. It is also very important that the watch is waterproof, has 200m of water resistance. Great for swimming or other activities where you can soak in the water, so you can use the watch without worrying.

No matter how similar this model is to the Rolex Submariner, we can not deny that there is a huge price difference. Yes, the overall design, starting with the dial, handset, case, and bracelet are taken from the Rolex Submariner, which evokes different feelings for watch lovers. Some do not like the copy so much, and some are very happy to have the opportunity to buy a watch with a beautiful design but incomparably cheaper than the original. Of course, as we understand it, homage watches are not fakes, but under another brand name, are equivalents with some changes. However, this means that homage watches have no individuality, but are not illegal fakes too.

Changes may be like about sizes, for example, the Rolex Submariner case is thinner (13mm), while the Invicta Pro Diver’s is 14mm. In any case, the Invicta Pro Diver is quite a comfortable watch.
Looking at the feedback from buyers, we can conclude that it is popular among many people. It will serve you for many years; is easy to use and for those who like automatic movement watches, it will be a good option.


Case material-Stainless Steel
Case width – 40 mm
Lug to Lug – 48 mm
Thickness – 14 mm
Lug width – 20 mm
Water-resistance – 200m
Movement – Japanese Automatic
Calendar – Date
Item weight 5.29 Ounces

Customer Reviews:

The majority of Amazon buyers are happy with the purchases. The average rating of 11,667 reviews is 4.5 from 5.
For example, one buyer mentions that he had quite a lot of experience buying homage Submariners for about 10 years. And this is the purchase that pleased him much. Some of the previous Submariners started to spoil quickly, showing the wrong time. In short, although he did not have a good opinion of Invicta, he liked it after using it. He especially liked the Seiko movement, as well as all the other features. He thinks he bought it at the right price.

Another buyer, Alec Austin, also believes that every penny is justified. Has been using it every day for a year. He says the band has already some scratches, but the glass has not. He mentions that it’s only 2 minutes fast every 2 weeks, but that doesn’t bother him because the Seiko movement is generally very good.

Davosa Ternos Automatic Diver (model 16155505)

Davosa is a watch brand that started its history in 1883 in Switzerland. It was originally a family business. The Hasler family started and founded Davosa. Paul Hasler, the son of watchmaker Abel Frédéric Hasler, resumed his business after his father’s death and thus began his long journey to Davosa. Throughout its history, the organization has collaborated with many other organizations. Has a large collection of watches and focuses on creating several categories of watches. Today we will review the Davosa Ternos Automatic Diver 16155505 model from the Diving collection.

This is a great option for water sporters and divers. The brand guarantees the durability, accuracy, and quality of the watch. Davosa Ternos Automatic Diver case is made entirely of stainless steel, movement is automatic (DAV 3021), the dial window is anti-glare, sapphire. Especially high quality and expensive watches use Sapphire crystals. It is very strong and scratch-resistant, it does not break easily unlike other types of crystal watches. The compressive strength of Sapphire crystals is 2000 mega Pascals, which is 10 times more than stainless steel.

Water-resistance is 20 ATM, calendar functions include only the date. The bezel is made of high-tech ceramic and is unidirectional. The bracelet is also made of stainless steel. The thickness is 12.5 mm, the width is 40 mm and the length of the watch is 47.9 mm.

Shipping for this watch is free and fast, it gives a 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back opportunity and customer service is 24/7 available in case of questions and so.


Model – 16155505:
Diameter – 40mm:
Bezel- ceramic, unidirectional:
Material – stainless steel:
Crystal – Sapphire, anti-glare:
Luminosity- SuperLumiNova:
Water-resistance – 200 meters:

Casio Edifice Solar-Powered Chronograph Watch

(model EQS-900DB-1AVCR)

Casio is one of the Japanese electronics companies, which started its activity in 1946 in Tokyo. One may assume that it is a very popular and reliable company around the world. It began producing its first digital watches in the 1990s. Before that, the campaign focused on electronics – calculators, digital cameras. As we can see, established companies that have gone their way also create homage watches inspired by other brands. Today we will discuss the Casio Edifice Solar-Powered model inspired by Tag Heuer Carrera. Car drivers, racers, motorists mainly use this watch as they find it very convenient with its capabilities and features. It is sporty in both its design and functionality.

Casio EQS-900DB-1AVCR Edifice is a solar-powered, chronograph watch, which allows you to get energy from the light, which will be used to charge the battery. This is a good option as you will not need to constantly change the battery, which is the case with the battery version when it may turn off at an inconvenient time. And in this case, it is always charged. If fully charged, it can last for about five months.

The design of the watch itself gives dynamics, its wearers seem to be in constant motion, but it defines a person who is self-confident and knows his job but not rushing to different places. Interestingly, its solar-charging system not only absorbs sunlight as an energy source but also light from other electrical sources. It can absorb energy even in very low light. The watch also has a waterproof function of 100 Meters, so it is suitable for daily activities, like taking a bath, washing, and so on.


Model – EQS-900DB-1AVCR:
Crystal – Mineral:
The material of the case- Stainless Steel:
Case diameter – 45.8 millimeters:
The thickness of the case – 12 millimeters:
Bandwidth 22 millimeters:
Bezel – Stainless Steel, Stationary:
Calendar – Date:
Movement Quartz:

Customer Reviews:

Walmart has given this model only three ratings, but those three are the highest ones, that is 5 points. Let’s see what they write.
One buyer says he made a good deal because he found this watch for almost half price, which was more expensive in various stores. The other buyer also liked his purchase. He thinks he bought a good watch at a good price. Satisfied with the delivery and advises others to buy as well. And the other buyer mentions that the watch has a very classic look and that it is a wonderful watch. You can read more here, as well as other details.

Orient Ray II (model FAA02005D9)

The next watch I want to introduce to you is Orient Ray II. This watch with its design pays tribute to Rolex Submariner. Of course, all homage watches have differences in their details, but in general, they look so similar that from a distance you seem confused. This watch also looks like a duplicate of its color and shape. However, there are worthwhile differences that we can discuss, not to mention the price, you do not pay astronomical sums. That is, with slight differences, but with a different name, you can get the watch of your dreams at an incomparably cheaper price. Let’s see what features this watch has.

Dial color is blue as in the case of Rolex Submariner. By the way, Orient is a Japanese brand, founded in 1950 by Seiko Epson. Well, the Orient Ray II case and bracelet are made of stainless steel. There are applied indices on the blue dial; the Orient logo, which represents two lions holding the shield, is under the midnight index, while under the 6 o’clock index it is written that the watch has a water resistance of 200 meters and also that the Japanese movement works for this watch.
A date window is already installed near 3 o’clock, where day and date are indicated. It has a unidirectional rotating bezel, which means that the bezel can only be rotated counterclockwise. The dial window material is mineral. Hands and markers have Lume on them.


Model – FAA02005D9
Case, band, and bezel material – stainless steel
The size of the case – 41.5 mm
The thickness of the case – 13 mm
Power reserve – 40 hours
Crystal – Mineral
Water-resistance – 200 meters

Customer Reviews:

There are a total of 32 reviews in Jomashop and the average rating is 4.8 from 5. Let’s see what comments some buyers have left on the page. For example, a buyer named David wrote that this was his second purchase from Orient. Overall he liked the watch. Considers it a very good option in terms of price. The bracelet is very good for him, but he mentions that he can change it if he wants. He also mentions that the crown could be a little bigger, but over time he got used to it and it became normal.

Another buyer writes that he is very happy with his new Ray II timepiece and that it looks very nice on his wrist. He says that the blue dial gets a very nice color in the sun, but it looks almost black indoors. It is very easy for him to use the watch, the movement works precisely. However, he gave 4 stars and mentions that he removed the point, because Lume disappears completely after almost an hour, while he knew that it could stay bright for several hours.



The price is crucial when you want to buy a homage watch. There are different price ranges for different models. Of course, you should always remember that no matter how much you pay, you do not buy the original and there are quality differences that you may not like. But still, buying a homage watch is a good option, because you are getting acquainted with an equivalent to the model of your favorite brand. You use it, you understand the advantages, the disadvantages, and if you want to buy a Rolex model in the future, for example, you will find it easier to orient yourself.


This point attracts many, suddenly they see a watch similar to the watch of their favorite brand, but incomparably cheaper, then there is no doubt to buy it. Realizing this, brands also create opportunities for many to have the watch of their dreams, but without deception. This is the main advantage of homage watches.


They have normal good quality. Many brands also try to ensure quality by creating watch counterparts from well-known brands. In other words, the emphasis is not only on providing exterior design but also on providing quality products to the consumer.


This is a bad option for people who like unique watch models. If they pay a lot of money to own these watches and thus show their status, they will not want others to wear both fake and homage versions. Criticism comes mainly from these people, who consider any duplicate to be fake and illegal.
Although some people buy homage watches, some people think that their dream of having a real Rolex or Omega has not come true. And they have that feeling of imperfection. It is better to buy the original if you have such a feeling, as you will not be distracted by these ideas. And for those who do not take this fact into account, it is an ideal option to buy a homage watch. That is, it depends on your preferences.


1. Why do companies create homage watches?

There are many opinions about homage watches, but everyone is wondering why some brands create homage watches. The first reason is that they like the original versions or are inspired by them and create their models. The second reason is that these brands create accessibility for many. What you can not buy does not mean that you can not have such a thing. And third, brands often give new life to these models by making some changes to popular versions. If the change is done with taste and literacy, then many accept it with delight.

2. What are the benefits of buying homage watches?

The most important benefit you can get is to have a very expensive, well-known brand watch at a very low, incomparably low price, but at the same time what you bought is not fake or illegal. It’s just a different brand, with a different logo and a slightly different look. That is, you can have similar models from Rolex, Omega SA, Cartier. Then you can safely wear the watch, as it does not amount to 10,000, 30,000, or more dollars. Such expensive items attract attention as if you accidentally break them,  your will use all your money. In the case of cheap options, it is easier, you have a nice watch, and you do not suffer much in case of theft or loss.

3. What are the disadvantages of buying homage watches?

Well, we all know that these are not expensive watches. And so they are also inferior in quality to the originals. Then, since it mimics the original brand, some may not like your choice, saying that if you want to wear a Rollex, for example, you should wear the original and such talks. And then many people confuse homage watches with fake watches or think of it as the same thing, especially when looking at the watch from a distance because you can tell the difference by looking closely.

4. What is the difference between Homage watches and so-called super clone or replica watches?

First of all, we can note that replica watches, having no legal basis, completely copy the original version, that is, both the logo and the design, the writings in their entirety. Another difference is that these replica watches are of very poor quality and one can immediately feel it, which we can not say about homage watches, because the manufacturers are working on quality. And in the case of super-clone watches, people find it more difficult to understand whether it is real or not because the original is copied to such an extent that only professionals can differentiate it from the original. And such copiers also raise the price and present it as original when sold, which is considered an illegal act.


So as we saw, homage watches are something completely different and should not be equated with replicas and fakes. It is simply a matter of preference which one to choose: the original, the homage, or the completely falsified one. However, we can conclude that homage watches are a very good option to buy at a cheap price with beautiful design and quality. The offers are various but the choice is yours!

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