Clek Oobr Review, Your Child’s Safety Is in the First Place

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As nowadays the world is full of challenges of traffic and accidents, parents should agree that safety is the most important thing that they can control for their children as they have overall responsibility for them. Furthermore, the prevailing cause of death in the USA is car accidents. Parents should keep in mind that high tech and engineering have had an enormous and splendid effect on diverse spheres. It has created excellent tools that are part of our everyday life. In this Clek Oobr review we will discuss one fundamentally innovative car seat named Oobr booster.

Clek Oobr is a Canadian brand-new child car seat producer 

Clek is a Canadian agency that started its campaign in 2010. Chris Lumley is the founder and the CEO at Clek Inc. Before Chris created his own car seat company he had worked in Magna. So working in the automotive sector helped him a great deal in creating booster seats at a time when nobody had an interest in it. Chris tells that being a parent is about compromise. While using different types of car seats as a parent Chris had to deal with safety, style, installation. Relating with different types of car seats, Lumley came up with the idea of creating a car seat that can be safe, easy to use, stylish and comfy at the same time. What Clek concentrates on is not quantity but quality. So what they create is a real vehicle car seat.

Clek produces infant car seats(liing and liingo), convertible seats(foonf and fllo), and booster seats(oobr, olli, and ozzi).

In addition, Clek donates car seats to low-income families in the US and Canada. The brand creates car seats and traveling accessories providing safety for the child and making the ride more peaceful.

Here are some points that Clek company focuses on:

1. Clek Oobr review on Chief features 

Since the company was born out of one of the most gigantic vehicle producers they emphasize crash management systemsmetal substructures, and extraordinary Europian-influenced systems as rigid-Latch and anti-rebound bars.

2. Material 

 Also, Clek seats do not contain chlorinated and brominated flame retardants. Instead, the company uses 100% Merino wool which ensures a soft and pleasant ride for your child at the same time, regulating the child’s body temperature. 

3.Expert Virtual Support Services

Clek provides complimentary virtual car seat checks, especially for Clek owners. When you are not sure about usage, Clek is always ready to help, as every client service specialist in Clek is CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician).

4. Expiration and warranty

Besides, Clek car seats have nine years of expiration and a 1+2 year warranty if you register online within 90 days of purchase.

5. Environmental solutions

Clek is concerned about the environment as well. When the Clek seat is out of use, it is recycled, so you do not have to worry it would end up with a junkyard.

Clek Oobr infant booster car seat with metal substructure, crash management, and rigid-Latch systems

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The Clek Oobr is a full-back booster seat providing superior safety for the child being quite convenient. It is just like a seat in your car appropriate for the child, so you do not have to worry about style and comfort. This Clek Oobr review will show you what you need to know about this car seat!

Clek Oobr specifications:

  • Clek Oobr dimensions are 14 x 18 x 22 inches, 19 pounds.
  • The weight of a child could be 40-100 pounds.
  • Forward-facing car seat child weight can differ from 40-100 pounds.
  • High back booster seat; 38-57 inches(96-145 inches), 40-100 lbs(18-45 kg) (age 4+).

This model seat width is 15.5 inches. Height differs from 14-21 inches. It weighs  20 pounds.

It is 13 inches deep.

  • Backless booster seat; 40-57 inches(101-145 cm), 40-100 pounds(18-45 kg)(age 4+).

This mode seat width is 14 inches.

Height differs from 4.5-5 inches.

It weighs 10 pounds.

It is 15 inches deep.

  • The height of the child could be up to 57 inches.
  • The material is Merino 100% wool.
  • Installation is through the LATCH system.
  • No battery requirement.

Clek Oobr review; elemental safety features

The primary advantage of the product is its safety feature. 

Most parents assure that not only does the Latch system make installation simple, but it also ensures that in case of a crash, the seat will remain solidly attached to the vehicle.

Metal substructure, headrest, and energy-absorbing foam layers are reliable and make Clek Oobr one of the bests.

Oobr elemental safety system consists of five components which are to keep your child safe.

1.Rigid-Latch system

Rigid-Latch is responsible for fastening the car seat to the vehicle adding stability to the booster seat in a collision. On the other hand, it ensures that your seat is not projectile while the child is not in the vehicle.

2.Industry 1st Magnesium Frame

The metal shell surrounds your child to prevent vehicle intrusion.

3.Structural headrest

A structural headrest with side wings is attached to the magnesium frame using a steel post. Steel posts limit the twisting movements in a crash to keep the head contained.

It is as well adjustable.

4.Energy-absorbing foam layer

The energy-absorbing foam layer covers the metal substructure and reduces the forces transferred to your child during a collision. There are energy-absorbing foam layers in three places: 

  • The armrest area
  • The headrest area
  • The bolster area

5.Shoulder belt guide and lap belt guide

These are to position the vehicle belt over the child.

Comfort, One of the characteristics of Clek Oobr

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Since Clek owners view their product as a parent they pay attention to comfort as well. Due to its flexibility, the Clek Oobr booster seat provides additional comfort through soft-touch armrests. We can as well say that it “grows” with your child. A high back booster seat can be transformed into a backless booster. 

The Clek Oobr Reclining seat back is an extraordinary solution for a comfortable and relaxing drive for the child. The free-pivoting seatback offers 12 degrees of recline during sleep.


Clek does everything in order not to transform inside the car into something that does not look good. Furthermore, they do their best to make their product look classy and elegant. They have a great choice of colors and styles, so you can find something that fits your car salon. There are as well car seats with beautiful prints.

Ease of use

The Clek Oobr booster seat is so modern, that it is easy to install.

When something suddenly pours on the surface of the Clek car seat, it will not soak at all. It is so easy to remove with a piece of cloth. Its material is as well removable and can be immediately transferred to the washing machine.

Oobr booster is designed the way that it is more attached to a window seat.

Somehow the product is a little bit heavy because of its metal structure, but it guarantees safety, so it does worth it.

Customers deal with the wrong car seat choice. The frequently happened situation is that they buy one then understand that it does not match the car dimensions. Be careful so you can enjoy your purchase.

What to rely on while choosing a child car seat?

Until the age of 12, it is vital to use car seats in case of a crash. What car seat to choose depends on the weight, height, and age of the child.

  • Rear-facing car seat

From birth until age 2-4 the child should be buckled in a rear-facing car seat. During these years toddler’s head is quite big so in a forward-facing car seat it could end up with spine and head injuries. Rear-facing car seats can be used until the child reaches the maximum weight or height of their car seat. Many car seat manufacturers make their car seats so that children can remain until they weigh 40-50 pounds.

  • Forward-facing car seats

These car seats can be used after outweighing rear-facing car seats until at least the age of 5.

  • Booster car seats

Booster car seats can be used after your child has outgrown the forward-facing car seat, and weighs nearly 40-65 pounds(age 9-12).

  • Seat belt

Once seat belts fit, use a seat belt without a booster seat.

Customer reviews

Oobr booster seat has 396 global ratings on Amazon. 84% of customers gave five stars to this product, and only 3% gave one star. In this Clek Oobr review, we will show you some popular comments. Here they are;

  • One of the reviewers, Kate Mahoney gave four stars of five. Kate thoroughly describes the product as safe, super easy to use, and chic. She remarks on features like safety, look/style, comfort, seat fabric, recline feature. Kate had some problems with belt positioners that made it difficult to buckle the kid. However, she likes the product and enjoys using it.

Here is an instruction from Clek Oobr review about belt use.

How to use the belt?

First, you should be sure that your child weighs between 33-100 pounds and has a height of 38-57 inches(Oobr restrictions). Then, ensure that the child is sitting upright and is not slouching.

Grab the vehicle lap and shoulder belt ensuring the lap belt goes underneath the armrests and is securely fastened. Route the shoulder belt through the shoulder belt locator. Ensure that the headrest is at or above the child’s shoulders and that the child’s ears are at or below the top of the booster seat headrest. Grab the belt and ensure that it is not twisted and that all the slack is taken out of the vehicle seat belt to ensure that the lap belt is low in snug on the child’s hips and that the shoulder belt is positioned across the midpoint of the chest, in the middle of the shoulder.

  • Another buyer named Horcrvxes uses Clek Oobr and Clek products for 5+ years. The customer appreciates Clek and its products.
  • A buyer named Hadassah gave five stars. The client loves the product, and so does her daughter. She particularly appreciates the rigid-Latch system, ease of installation. She remarks on the Clek Oobr drink-thingy(the cup holder) and mentions that she does not have to buy another cupholder. Hadassah likes that the Oobr booster seat is as well easy to carry. She defines the product as convenient and sleek.

Instructions While Using Clek Car Seats

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While not using the Latch system, the back of the booster seat must accurately attach to the vehicle seatback.

  • While using the Latch connectors, there may be a gap between the booster seat and the vehicle seat back if the child seats properly in its booster.
  • When you do not use the Latch system during a ride, you must not use recline.
  • Clek recommends not using the car seat after a collision as the car seat may be damaged somehow that you cannot notice. Fortunately, Clek has insurance, and its letterhead can provide you with the appropriate document if you properly present the car seat’s serial number, model, production date.
  • Clek Oobr is appropriate for use in cars. The Oobr does not work in an airplane as there are no belt restraints.
  • All Clek car seats, including Clek Oobr, have Crypton Fabric which is easily cleaned, protects against bacteria and stains.
  • The Oobr booster’s minimal weight requirement is 40 pounds, height is 40 inches, and the proper age is 4. Since February 2020 only US models’ weight requirements have been changed from 33 to 40 lbs, minimum height is 38. 

Belt instructions

  • Vehicle seat belts commonly differ. Sometimes it is difficult to use a booster seat or to use it with a LATCH system. Nevertheless, booster seats are safe to use without LATCH as well.
  • The child must be buckled by both shoulder belt and vehicle’s lap belt to be safe.
  • The shoulders of the child must be below the headrest and the belt guide.
  • The shoulder belt should be gone through the shoulder belt guide.
  • The shoulder belt should be under the armrest that is most likely to fasten.
  • The lap belt should be under armrests.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the Oobr serial number and production date?

It can be found under the seat base. It must be presented in case of a return or a collision.

  • How to clean the Oobr booster seat?

Above, we mentioned that the fabric of the Oobr booster is quite reliable in case something pours on it.

So, to remove the spot, what you have to do is to pick up a wet cloth and wipe the surface. In case it does not work, use a little bit of detergent to remove the spot. Repeat the action until the spot is removed. If the stain does not vanish, you can as well remove the seat base cover and wash it in the washing machine.

You should notice that the headrest cover and seat back cover are not removable and washable.

  • How can I repackage the Oobr booster seat?

In case you want to return the product or just travel You should:

  1. Separate the seat base and the back seat.
  2. Put the back seat and the base seat in different plastic bags.
  3. Place them so that the back seat and the base seat face up.
  • Can I use drink-thingy for Oobr with any car seat?

Clek Oobr drink-thingy is only designed to use with Clek Oobr.

  • Can I use mat-thingy from another car seat company for my Oobr booster?

Clek produces Mat-thingy exclusively for Clek customers. Other products may damage the operation of the Oobr booster. 

  • How to convert your high back booster mode to a backless?

As your child grows Clek offers the backless mode. Remove the small strap on the back seat to release the back. Remove the left and right sides of the back seat.


In conclusion, below, this Clek Oobr review will represent the positive and negative features of Clek Oobr.


  1. Particularly safe(operated with rare, front, and side-impact systems, contains energy-absorbing foam layer)
  2. Awesome, elegant, modern style
  3. The fabrics are GREENGUARD Gold certified.
  4. An enjoyable ride is guaranteed!
  5. Soft and adjustable headset and armrests
  6. Recline feature brings comfort and pleasant sleep to the child.
  7. The booster seat has a removable backrest, which transforms full-back mode to backless.
  8. Oobr has a magnesium frame.
  9. The Oobr booster features a drink-thingy which is a cupholder and is ideal for any type of drink. Either side of armrests can be appropriate for drink-thingy. To install the cupholder you have to pull up the base seat, then adjust the drink-thingy, then install back the seat base.
  10. Clek products, including Oobr, do not contain chlorinated and brominated flame retardants.
  11. You can be no longer anxious that your used product does not end up in a landfill.
  12. Clek Oobr is easy to clean.
  13. Clek has nine years of expiration and a warranty of 1+2 years.
  14. Installation is super-easy due to the rigid-Latch system.
  15. Clek provides its customers as well with videos, manuals, and support articles.
  16. The back of the Oobr booster is removable, so you can change it as your child grows.



  1. Sometimes, Clek Oobr turns out not appropriate enough for small cars. Read the parameters carefully so that you can understand if the Oobr booster seat fits in.
  2. The Clek Oobr booster is a little heavy because of its magnesium frame, metal substructure. 
  3. Seatback and headrest covers are not removable and washable.
  4. The price is high.

To sum it all up, in this Clek Oobr review we made sure, that the Clek Oobr booster seat is perfect for your kiddo’s nice ride, bringing peace of mind and joy to the parents. Although its price is not affordable somehow, this product is one of the bests in the market and to buy it means:

  • taking responsibility
  • protecting the child
  • saving lives


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