Empava Gas Cooktop Reviews and Buying Guide

Even though our world is slowly getting more and more electric, so to speak, there still is a need for gas-powered kitchenware. But we’re not talking about large gas units that often take a lot of space in our beloved cooking area. Instead, we refer to cooktops, namely to Empava gas cooktop reviews and best products out there. This particular type of kitchenware is preferred by many people out there. Why? Well, it’s because it creates a more flexible kitchen layout for those that spend a lot of time cooking.

Unlike traditional cooktops – that are connected to the oven -, cooktops can be placed on virtually any flat surface of the kitchen. But this is not the best part! Obviously, the main advantage of gas cooktops is the fact that they don’t have a large oven underneath.

Instead, one can install shelves under the gas cooktop or even have their recycle bin unit placed in the area beneath it.


Despite the advantages mentioned above, not many people made the transition to modern gas cooktops. Why? Well, it’s mainly because this particular type of product comes with a couple of peculiarities that may confuse someone during the buying phase. Manufacturers don’t make everything clear about gas cooktops and some might be concerned about the way they’re going to place them in their kitchen.

As such, in the following lines, we’ll take a look at some Empava gas cooktop reviews and then at a comprehensive buying guide. The latter will teach you everything you need to know about this particular brand and product!


Empava Gas Cooktop Reviews


Who is Empava?

Since we’re going to focus only on Empava gas cooktops reviews and a dedicated buying guide, it’s important to show you what this company really is about. A short search on Google will reveal that Empava is not only a top brand when it comes to cooktop burners but is also one of the most reliable brands on the market.

After all, one of their main mottos states that your life at home, in your kitchen, should provide you with absolute joy. As such, it goes without saying that they put more than just their heart into the making of a product – in this case, of a cooktop.

All of their Empava gas cooktops are designed and also engineered in the US and feature a standard 2-year warranty.


The Best Empava Gas Cooktops


  1. Empava 30 Gas Cooktop

The first entry on our list is one of the best Empava gas cooktops that you can currently buy. It has a rating of 4 stars and is by far the most preferred model by Empava users throughout the world.

This particular model is convertible and comes with two nozzles included – one LPG and one NG. On top of that, it can also be operated without any electricity, making it ideal for outdoor and RV use.

One of the most impressive features of this Empava gas stovetop is the flame failure thermocouples auto shut-off feature. This protection technology is able to prevent any type of gas leak and, ultimately, keep your kitchen safe. Last but not least, the SABAF burners are sealed – food can’t fall into them, making for an easy-to-clean cooktop. More can be found about this type of burner by reading a SABAF burner review.


Notable Features

  • 2-year US warranty.
  • Pre-installed power cord.
  • 2 Nozzles included (conversion available).
  • 4 different versatile burners.
  • Cast iron grates for enhanced cleaning and maintenance.
  • Sealed burners.
  • World Class SABAF burners.
  • Works without electricity.
  • 92 in. L x 20.08 in. W x 4.13 in. H.


What are the Empava gas cooktops reviews saying?

Overall, the reviews bring only praise to this amazing product. The majority of the buyers stated that the product is extremely easy to install and also to clean. Last but not least, they also mentioned the product’s value for money – which is almost undefeated in the market of gas cooktops.


  1. Empava 36 inch Gas Cooktop

The next product on our list is a 5-burner 36-inches Empava gas cooktop. Just as with the model above, this cooktop comes with world-class SABAF burners that are made in Italy. Naturally, they feature the same protection technology that keeps your kitchen – and meals – safe.

Thanks to its ingenious design, the Empava gas cooktop is convertible between LPG and NG, with both nozzles included in the package. Even though convertible, the product is able to deliver the same BTU power regardless of the nozzle it uses.

With sealed burners, durable knobs, and cast-iron grates (that you can even just put in the dishwasher), this gas cooktop will be a pleasure to clean. Better said, you will have to spend a minimal amount of time cleaning this product – it will basically keep itself clean!


Notable Features

  • 2-year US warranty.
  • LPG/NG convertible with both nozzles included.
  • Constant BTU power regardless of nozzle.
  • Multi-purpose gas cooktop.
  • High-quality SABAF burners.
  • Ideal for any type of cooking.
  • Versatile burner sizes.
  • 02 in. L x 20.67 in. W x 2.1 in. H


What are the reviews saying?

Given that it is an Empava gas cooktop, most buyers praised its value for money (especially those that got it on a nice sale). Other than that, the majority was impressed with how easy it is to clean this particular model.

Some also mentioned that the sturdiness of the model is not to be ignored, mainly for those that are a bit rough in the kitchen.


  1. Empava 30 Gas Cooktop Black Tempered Glass

For the next model on our list, we have an Empava stove top that is available in a tempered glass finish, if we may call it that way. If you like the color of glass cooktops but still want to enjoy the traditional gas cooktop reliability, then this is the product for you.

The stylish gas cooktop comes with all the features of the product mentioned above. Namely, it is convertible between NG and LPG without losing any BTU power and it also works without electricity. It has 5 burners, out of which one is a Dual Ring type, capable of up to 12000-BTU in burning power. The variable burner powers make the cooktop ideal for any type of meal.

Last but not least, due to its small profile and height, the cooktop can be installed on almost any type of flat surface. It is ideal even for outdoor kitchens and RVs.


Notable Features

  • Black tempered glass finish.
  • Convertible between NG and LPG.
  • High-quality materials used all around.
  • Powerful burners with variable BTU power.
  • 2-year US warranty.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Silver, durable knobs.
  • 02 in. L x 20.08 in. W x 2.4 in. H.


What are the reviews saying?

Thanks to its black finish, most buyers have appreciated its design and the fact that the cooktop blends easily with almost any kitchen design. For example, we have people that have installed this product in outdoor wooden kitchens – and it still looks great!

Naturally, the black tempered glass finish is also much easier to clean, as mentioned by most buyers. It goes without saying that the value for money was, once again, very appreciated.


  1. Empava 36 inch Gas Cooktop Stainless Steel

Towards the end of our list, we have a 36-inch Empava gas cooktop, designed for larger countertops and, naturally, for larger meals. On top of that, it also comes with a pleasant design of the cast iron grates, adding a touch of style to the cooking area.

As with all Empava gas range models, you’re mostly choosing style when cycling between models, as quality is ensured by the well-known high-quality features. For example, this is yet another LPG/NG convertible cooktop – it doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to power either.

The five burners are world-class, made in Italy and feature the protection technology known as failure thermocouples auto shut-off! This translated to a reliable gas cooktop that won’t feel old in this electric generation, so to speak.


Notable Features

  • Beautiful silver finish with durable, glossy knobs.
  • Black cast-iron grates; very easy to clean and remove.
  • Five high-quality SABAF burners with a wide range of power.
  • Sealed burners that prevent food from falling into them.
  • LPG/NG convertible with nozzles included.
  • Can be operated manually, without electricity.
  • 02 in. L x 20.67 in. W x 2.1 in. H.


What are the reviews saying?

Unlike our previous entries, buyers thought that this particular model comes with better temperature control overall. Naturally, this is something to be appreciated in a gas cooktop. Then, as per usual, the value for money can’t be ignored – as most users did mention.

The product stands at 4.4 stars out of 5.


  1. Empava 24’’ Gas Cooktop Black Tempered Glass


The last product on our list is a smaller gas cooktop – but one of the fancier ones so far. It’s also probably the best 24 inch gas cooktop available. It comes with only 4 burners but has a tempered glass finish and, overall, an unconventional design. Due to its square shape, it can easily fit even the smallest of kitchens – or it can fulfill the wishes of those that hate wide cooktops.

When it comes to the burners, they are SABAF and made in Italy. These are capable of as low as 4000 BTU, for the smallest burner, and as high as 12000 BTU, for the largest one. The burners are sealed, making the cooktop very easy to clean overall.

Last but not least, the cast iron grates are black, just like the rest of the cooktop, making for visually pleasant kitchenware. In terms of size, the product stands at roughly 24 inches in length, 21 inches in width, and 2.4 inches in height.


Notable Features

  • Black tempered glass finish.
  • Silver, durable knobs conveniently placed on the bottom right of the cooktop.
  • 4 versatile, high-quality burners.
  • 2-year US warranty.
  • LPG/NG convertible.
  • Can be manually operated.
  • Effortless maintenance and cleaning.


What are the reviews saying?

As per usual, the product’s value for money was the deciding factor for most people that have bought this particular model. Then, what really sold it was the safety features and the fact that it is extremely easy to clean.

Some have also mentioned that they like how the cooktop blends with almost any type of kitchen thanks to its sleek design.


Empava Gas Cooktops Buying Guide

Now, your kitchen or your preferences might not be in line with the products that we have mentioned above. As such, you will most likely try to find the best Empava gas cooktop by yourself.

That’s not a bad thing to do – but we can surely improve your experience with information gathered from Empava cooktop reviews online! In short, let’s take a look at the things that you need to know when buying an Empava gas cooktop.


Most Important Things to Consider


  • Size

Naturally, this is the first and most important thing that you have to determine, as it will drastically cut down on your search results list. However, keep in mind that most models are available in different sizes (as can be seen in the Empava gas cooktop reviews above), so you won’t be forced to pass on some amazing looks/designs. Usually, cooktops are 30-36 inches wide and these fit most kitchens. But if your kitchen is different, you might want to look into smaller or even bigger cooktops as well. If you want a five-burner cooktop, then you’ll most likely need one that’s 30 inches or bigger.


  • Finish/Colors

It goes without saying that a cooktop with a silver finish will be easier to clean as grease spots and such won’t be very visible. However, cooktops that feature a tempered glass finish will probably ask for a routine clean-up every single week. This is because grease, food, and the usual cooking signs will be quite visible on a black finish.


  • LPG vs. NG

This choice depends on what kind of gas you plan to use with your cooktop. If you plan to install it in your home, then an NG nozzle is almost mandatory. However, if you plan to use it in an RV or outdoors, then you might want to opt for a convertible gas cooktop that can accommodate LPG as well.


  • Flame Failure Technology

One of the main reasons why conventional ovens with cooktops are a thing of the past is the fact that their flame was pretty much unmoderated and gas would keep running even if the flame went out. As a result, you definitely need a cooktop that features flame failure tech, which basically cuts the gas when there is no active flame on the cooktop. Most Empava gas cooktop reviews out there stress the importance of this feature. Why? Well, because other minor brands don’t usually have it!


  • Durable Materials

If you want to avoid scratches and marks, you need a cooktop made out of reliable materials. For example, the grates should be cast iron while the knobs should be at least highly durable plastic.


  • Versatile Burner Size

If you’re an avid cook and have a big cookbook on your kitchen’s top shelf, then you need a wide range of BTU when it comes to the power of your burners. For a decent cooktop, you should aim for a range of 4000-12000 BTU of power. However, most users claim that, in certain cases, 12000 BTU might not be enough.


This is pretty much everything that you have to take into account when buying a gas cooktop from Empava. As mentioned above, most Empava gas cooktops are top-notch and you’re pretty much choosing one based on looks. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look into specifications, size, and materials as well. Moreover, reading Empava gas cooktop reviews online will introduce you to a wide range of Empava products that you can choose from and install in your kitchen.


Empava Gas Cooktop Reviews – Most Asked Questions

The information that we have for you about Empava gas cooktops doesn’t end here. If you’re a first-time buyer of such kitchenware, then there are a couple of other things that you should know.

Here are the most asked questions – and their respective answers – when it comes to Empava stoves and cooktops in general.


How to Install a Gas Cooktop?

If you know your way around a gas main and have at least some informal training, then you can install a gas cooktop on your own. However, if you don’t, then we strongly recommend you rely on a professional plumber!

First of all, make sure to turn off the gas supply to avoid any leaks. Then, you’ll prepare both the countertop and the area that will fit the cooktop by thoroughly cleaning them. After placing the cooktop in its area and making sure that it fits properly, you will have to connect its electrical power supply.

Once the power supply is in place, you will move on to connecting the gas regulator and, most importantly, the gas supply piping. If you don’t know how to do this, do not install a gas cooktop by yourself.

When everything is connected and in place, you’ll have to check for gas leaks using either a spray gas leak detector or an electronic detector. Last but not least, you’ll have to install the seals/gaskets of the cooktop and then turn the gas supply back on.

In the end, you’ll check the flame quality and, if everything is in order, you’ll secure the appliance in place.


How to Clean Gas Cooktop?

As mentioned above many times, an Empava cooktop can be easily cleaned thanks to its design. As such, the cast iron grates can be easily removed and placed even in a dishwasher. You don’t have to worry about scrubbing them or the likes!

Then, thanks to the smooth finish of the cooktop, you can rely on a single-edged scraped to wipe every stain or food speck off the cooktop itself.

The burners, as you might already know, feature seal technology that prevents food from getting under them. This means that you might not have to remove them during the cleaning process. Instead, it might be enough to just clean the area around them.


How to Replace a Gas Cooktop?

If you have the required knowledge, then you can easily replace a gas cooktop. You can do so by following the steps mentioned above but in reverse. Then, once the area is free of the old cooktop, you have to measure it once again to see if it can fit the new appliance.

You might have to sand the edges a bit so that the area can fit the new cooktop. However, keep in mind that you might have to find a proper filler instead, in case the new cooktop is smaller. Obviously, the cooktop must be resistant – preferably made out of the same material as the countertop.

Once you’re sure that the new cooktop can be properly secured in place, you can follow the steps mentioned above.


How to Install a Gas Cooktop on Granite?

For cooktop installation on a granite surface, you’ll need the following products – namely, caulk, acetone, and some mounting clips. Since the adhesives will make quite the mess around the area, keep napkins or rags nearby as well. The following is something not many Empava gas cooktop reviews will tell you!

The important part when it comes to granite and cooktops is the fact that you will not be able to drill support holes right into the granite. Here is where silicone caulk or mounting clips can help you.

If you use silicone caulk, you’ll have to place beads of it all around the cooktop. Then, place the appliance into the countertop hole that will be its permanent home. Then, as the caulk forms a sturdy steal, you’ll have to find a way to keep the cooktop firmly secured in place. The silicone will dry, thus securing the cooktop in place, in around one day.

The same applies to mounting clips. Even they’re more convenient, you still can’t drill holes for them into the granite. As such, you’ll use silicone caulk again – but this time to secure the mounting clips in place, and not the cooktop itself.


Why is Empava so Cheap?

If this is not the first Empava cooktop reviews article that you read, then you might already know that Empava is, overall, a cheap brand. But does this really make it cheap?

Well, looking at the company’s history and online reputation, it is by far one of the best non-mainstream brands out there. If we are to skip the most popular brands out there, such as Samsung and Bosch, which come with outrageous prices for their kitchen appliances, Empava is the best answer.

The cheapest Empava cooktop that you can find is only $219. For this minor amount, you can enjoy all the top qualities mentioned above. On top of that, you won’t have to sacrifice anything in terms of design, durability, and material quality either.

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