Hubsan Zino Pro review: the cinematographer of your life!

Technologies are becoming quicker and more functional day by day. Each technology improves its quality to be modern, reliable, and safe for the customers. Every tiny detail now has its importance. Consumers demand it and are fastidious nowadays more than ever. Hubsan company creates modernistic drones with a beautiful and compact design assuring a safe flight. In the Hubsan Zino Pro review, we will discuss the main features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Hubsan Zino Pro camera drone. We will try to help you make the best choice!

About Hubsan company

Hubsan’s headquarter is in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China. It is a brand-new, leading company producing both cheap and expensive drones for filming the area. Now, Hubsan is famous all over the world for its inexpensive solutions. The secret of success is that they work thoroughly in every detail and try to modernize it. Hence this makes Hubsan not lag behind and be the leading role in this sphere. Panoramic features are remarkable! 

Additionally, Hubsan Zino is the descendant of this Hubsan Zino Pro model. Hubsan fixed some internal problems, made the design much better. They improved the joystick controllers to move the sticks effortlessly, and they as well improved how the transmitter works, making it more robust so that it can transmit the signal much farther.

The main features of Hubsan Zino Pro are:

  • The color is black.
  • Foldable design makes it possible for you to take the drone wherever you like to, especially during travel.
  • Zino Pro comes in a compact bag with additional pockets. In this case, you can put your spare batteries, charging system, cables, remote controller, and drone too.
  • Batteries, the remote controller, the USB cable are required, and they come with the purchase.
  • Purchase includes as well two blades with screwdriver and bolts and an instruction book.
  • Hubsan Zino Pro is compact and occupies a small place.
  • The control type is App.
  • The maximum flight time is 23 minutes if there are no obstacles(like wind, other objects).
  • It can fly up to 4 KMS.
  • The remote controller has controlling sticks and three buttons: return home through GPS, turn on and turn off the remote controller, automatic takeoff and landing, the mobile device holder. It is also very comfortable to use.
  • Panorama photography is one of the best features of this product. It allows rotating the drone from 90 to 360 degrees.
  • The Hubsan Zino Pro is perfect with its follow-me feature. It follows you wherever you go and is a good and aesthetic idea.
  • It has a feature through which the drone can turn back home.
  • The video quality is 4K, HD, 13 megapixels. The camera has a 3-Axis Gimbal and a protective layer in case of damage. It allows professional filming even if the speed is high and there are obstacles.
  • The recording has various types: image tracking, line fly mode, waypoint mode, panorama shot, and orbit mode.
  • Headless mode is necessary, especially when the drone is out of sight.
  • The image sensor is Sony.
  • Chip – Ambarella A12S
  • The battery cell composition is Polymer Lithium.
  • When the battery is low, the Hubsan Zino pro automatically comes home.
  • The charging time is approximately 180 minutes.
  • Micro SD card provides 16-127 G memory.
  • 5G WiFi is available.

How to start to use it?

  1. The first thing you should do is push the button on the drone and hold it for some time. It starts with music.
  2. Then turn on the remote controller.
  3. X-Hubsan app is the tool through which you’re going to make this work. Be accurately sure that it is Hubsan Zino Pro type. Then enter the device, open the main interface. It will ask you if you would like a compass calibration, and you can’t check out any features without compass calibration.
  4. Do the buying test(before compass calibration).
  5. Do the accuracy test (before compass calibration). 
  6. App tells you to spin the drone twice or three times.
  7. When all the lights are solid, you have done a great job. So, your Hubsan drone is ready to fly.

A little about video settings

You enter video settings and open the video resolution. It tells that you can put it up to 4K. You can choose as well 2.7K, 1080P, and 720P. The frame rate can go up to 30 frames per second. The record can be about 60 megabits per second. If you want, for example, to record 60 frames per second, you have to put video resolution to 2.7K.

Follow me function is a great feature that is revolutionizing Hubsan Zino’s “Follow me”.

In this Hubsan Zino Pro Review, let’s discuss the good and bad sides of the device.

Some amazing characteristics


This camera offers quite good quality compared to its price. With its 4k capabilities, you can capture professional and high-quality images. It provides 4k images at a frame rate of 30fps.

The 4k camera which is located on a 3axis gimbal provides you with accurate control of the drone during flight while positioning it at different angles, speeds, and rolls. You can operate your drone camera both manually and by already installed modes which makes the process easy. Let us see what exactly some features on the camera are;

For example with the help of 3-Axis Gimbal, images and videos become less blurry. Ultra HD video feature allows you to capture 4k images at 30fps. This is amazing as it can give you detailed images and videos while never missing important moments and scenes. To make such images a Hubsan Zino pro uses a Sony image sensor and also a chip from Ambarella.


Here’s what the design of this Camera Dron has. In its form and structure, it again looks like expensive Cameras in the market. First of all, it can be folded. Thanks to this, you can safely move it from place to place, as it will not occupy a lot of space because of its compact size. It will be easily accommodated in the bag, given the fact that you can be in different environments, especially in nature it is a very important point.


Hubsan Zino Pro has 3000 mAh battery life, which provides 23 minutes of Flight Time. This is a pretty good result, as it offers a long period of time compared to the price. This time period can differ if you make various types of shoots; depending on the intensity of the shooting, the battery life can be changed. However, the battery charging is 3 hours, so you need to consider your plans related to the shooting and fit in that period. You can use additional batteries too if you have plans for a long shooting.

Remote Controller

The device is provided with HT106 Remote Controller, which you can fold if necessary. It is quite simple in terms of management, has two antennae. With 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz Bands, it connects to the drone making an easy and clear connection. You can put your smartphone with the size of 7-inches on the Transmitter. It is quite reliable. And you can not be afraid that it will fall. It has different buttons that are planned to perform various functions. You can turn on different modes, perform various functions. To connect your phone to the camera, it is not obligatory to have 5G.  But if your phone supports this, you can fly your drone alone with only your smartphone. 

X-Hubsan app

There is a special app designed for this Hubsman Zino pro drone which is called the X-Hubsan app. You can download it both for iOS and Android. It is very easy to use the app during operation and many use this app on their smartphones to control the process via their phones. In the app, you can find information about flying, battery use, etc. The app allows you to change the flight operation of the drone( for example, to make it vertical, horizontal, rolls, etc.). In a word, you can have full access to the management of your drone via this app. For landing and taking off the drone you just need to press the button ’’Return Home’’ on the transmitter.

There are several cool modes on the device which we would like to show you in this Hubsan Zino Pro Review. 

Panorama mode:

If you choose the angle, direction, the rotation speed, the drone can rotate from 90º to 360º  and make a panoramic recording. This is the Panorama mode. 

Orbit mode:

With this mode, you can set a location as an orbit and the drone will make a circling video around the object. While shooting you can change the radius, altitude, speed, etc, and circling the object of your interest. 

Follow me mode:

This mode is quite an innovative solution. While shooting you can turn on this mode and the drone will automatically follow you. Also, you can follow a subject by drawing a box around it and the drone will follow it. Anyway, as this price range this mode works not as fast as would be desired. But even if the object runs or moves non-regularly, the drone keeps tracking it, which is amazing.

Return home mode: 

This mode is one of the important features of this device. What is important; for security reasons, when having just 20% battery left, the drone will use it for returning home. It can return both to your current location and also to your initial location which you can choose in this mode. It lands quite well even not having landing sensors but its “Search Parking Apron”  feature helps the drone to find its landing pad.

Line fly mode:

By this mode, you can choose a straight line, choose the direction and the drone will fly in that direction. What is more, you will be able to use different functions and options during this straight flight, which creates very specific images and videos.

Waypoint Mode:

In this mode, you can mark points on the map, that is, create a road map that the camera will automatically track. This is also a very useful feature that the Hubsan Zino drone enables for us.


  • The phone is put below the remote controller, which causes inconvenience for some users, as users prefer drones that locate the phone place above the controller. 
  • The drone lacks opposite-facing sensors, which in cases of downward obstacles will not have the option to avoid crashing them.
  • The remote controller doesn’t warn you when its battery is low and if you don’t pay attention to or don’t know the expiring time of the battery, you may suddenly see your controller switched off. 

Customer reviews:

For this product, Amazon provides a 4-star rating out of 153 reviews. So 61 percent of people gave 5 stars and 10 percent of reviewers gave 1 star. So let us see what some reviewers actually wrote about this product. We will look at both recent reviews and also at top reviews. 

  • A customer named David Jhonson gave 5 stars recently and added that for its price he considers the drone quite a good device. And mentions that if a person is good at flying drones can actually use it despite the fact that it doesn’t have opposite-facing sensors. He also added that it gives real 4K videos. 
  • Another buyer named Kevin finds the drone real fun. He is very satisfied with how he can use his new drone for taking photos and videos for family and home usage. He recommends others buy this drone too and start using it because it is one of his best buys.
  • While another buyer named ThisHiker gave 1 star and complained about poor service. After his purchase, he damaged the drone and tried to make contact with the manufacturer but all in vain. He mentions that he needs it to be fixed but can’t solve the problem with the factory.

Top comments

  • Another Hubsan Zino Pro Review from Amazon is among the top reviews made by customer Rene. He gave five stars and is so excited about his purchase. He even uploaded pictures and videos to show his experience with Hubsan Zino. Rene is especially happy that the drone has many amazing features but costs low for that options. He has bought other Hubsan products too and this one also satisfies his needs well.
  • While another top commentator from Hubsan Zino Pro Review is not satisfied with his purchase and wants to return the product. First of all, he didn’t like that he had to download many files from the Hubsan website. He mentions that flight time is not as it is mentioned in the ad. He also had landing problems, can’t use the app properly. Anyway, he decided to return the product despite the fact that he didn’t want to do so as he knows that it downgrades the product but also thinks there is no way out for him.



1. Who can use the Hubsan Zino Pro 4k drone?

This drone is suitable for those who prefer high-quality but affordable drones. It has automatic functions, easy control. Even beginners can quickly learn how to use it and use it for many years if used carefully and with care.

2. What is the app of the phone used for?

You can follow this drone with a phone app that is available for both Android and iOS. With the app, you can follow the work of the drone, learn about speed, modes, direction, battery, and more.

3. How many LED lights do the Hubsan Zino Pro Drone have?

Hubsan Zino Pro Drone has 4 LED lights. When the lights are on, they warn of drone work, such as when the battery is low or when the signal is lost. The lights also blink when shooting a video.

4. How long does it take to charge the Remote Control?

You can recharge it with both a USB cable and charger. For example, charging Remote Control with a charger takes 2.5 hours.

5. If I lose signal with the drone, how do I know where it is?

There is a map in the app that shows where the drone was last lost. That way you can track and find the drone if the connection is not restored before then.

6. Where can I buy a Hubsan Zino Pro Drone?

You can buy Hubsan Zino Pro Drone from Amazon, where you can see both the price and look at the pictures in more detail. You can also read many reviews about Hubsan Zino Pro Drone.

7. Can I only control the drone by phone?

You can not completely control the drone with the phone alone, as the antennas on the remote control are more powerful and provide more accurate information about the drone and the streaming video is good. However, if your phone has a capacity of 5G, you can use it even without the remote control, but again it does not have the same power as the remote control.

8. What is the warranty for this device?

For example, Amazon offers a 30-day return option. And Hubsan gives a 1-year warranty on all its products, but with its limitations.

A guide when buying a drone!

Today, drones have become an indispensable part of filming and video recording. Everyone wants to buy quality and affordable drones that will serve them for many years. That’s why in this Hubsan Zino Pro Review we have prepared a little guide for you, which will make it easier for you to navigate when you want to buy your own drone.

In fact, we need to consider our needs and capabilities when buying anything. Of course, for ordinary shooting, you need a drone with fewer features, and for professionals, it is not enough. So let’s look at what to look for when buying a drone.

The Battery

So what is important if not the battery life? It depends on how long your filming will take. But even today, even the best and most expensive drones on the market do not shoot for more than 30 minutes. Many people use extra batteries for this, which, however, increases the price of the drone. Depending on how long your shooting lasts, you can choose whether or not to buy extra batteries. As you can see in our Hubsan Zino Pro Review, the Hubsan Zino Pro has the ability to shoot for 23 minutes, which is pretty good for its price.

The Camera

What drone without a camera? Here you need to consider the resolution of both the video and the photo. The quality of the camera is also affected by the shutter speed, the number of megapixels, the presence of a gimbal, which provides a more stable video recording during long shots.


Most expensive drones generally have a gimbal. Its function is to keep the camera fixed, thanks to which we have stable shooting, clear images. As we all know, in the wind, the camera can fluctuate at high speeds, so we may not have good images. So, Gimbal is a really good advantage. As you can see in our Hubsan Zino Pro Review, the Hubsan Zino Pro has this feature.

Non-collision function

This is especially a feature of high-end drones. Therefore, it can be more expensive. However, this is a really important condition, as it ensures that the drone does not crash when it encounters an obstacle. As you can see in the cons section of our Hubsan Zino Pro Review, we mentioned this as a drawback as the Hubsan Zino Pro doesn’t have this feature.

Follow-me mode

It is a feature still loved and used by many, which the Hubsan Zino Pro also has. This allows you to continue your journey calmly, during which the drone will automatically track you and film the route. Convenient for doing several operations at once. It is a really necessary feature.


This allows drones to know where they are. This is used to perform the Return To Home function. In addition, the drone better orients during navigation. You can read about this feature in the Hubsan Zino Pro Review. Hubsan Zino Pro has three RTH options: One-button, Low Battery, and Failsafe RTH.

Final thoughts

As we saw in this Hubsan Zino Pro Review, the Hubsan Zino Pro 4K drone is popular with many because it offers features similar to premium drones, but is approximately $400. If you are looking for an affordable and quality option, this is a really good choice. It is a very convenient option for those who are just starting to shoot, who do not want to spend a lot of money and then do not like their purchase. This is a good way to get acquainted with quality features without spending a lot of money.

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