3 Stage Snow Blower Reviews, The Best 5!


Winter causes many problems; you have to do many things to struggle with nature’s inconveniences. Technologies here are to help us in this combat. In winter, on roadways snow piles around us so we can’t move our cars, vehicles, and other means of transportation.

This happens to all people who live in snowy areas or who have winters and even very harsh winters. You may have heard of snow blowers. But here today I am going to introduce to you three-stage snow blowers which are better than single or two-stage ones.

In this 3 Stage Snow Blower Review, you will see the best-chosen ones which are very effective while clearing snow. 

Why are 3 Stage Snow Blowers the best?

Well, let’s see why buyers distinguish these 3 stage snow blowers as more effective. 

First of all, this tool can collect the snow, then move it to the accelerator where it pushes the snow to the impeller then throws the snow nearly 50 feet away. 

Another distinguishing feature is that the 3 stage snow blower does the job quickly. So it lessens the amount of time to be spent on clearing the snow, making the process quick and at the same time it takes large amounts of snow, making your way super clear and free!

Compared to two-stage snow blowers, 3 stage snow blowers clean 50 percent more snow, so it really accelerates the working time, which is super important!

The main reason for this difference is the accelerator.  The accelerator helps to fasten the process of clearing the snow and ice with huge amounts. It moves the snow and ice to the impeller more quickly. So if you live in a region where it snows on a regular basis and with huge amounts, using 3 stage snow blowers will be quite reasonable for you. 

To see more features, specifications, and details let’s look at some of the best known 3 stage snow blowers in the market. 


Craftsman 28″, 283 pounds, 357cc Three-Stage Snow Blower


Company info

Craftsman began its story in 1927. They are specialized in creating outdoor and gardening tools and equipment. They are well known for their quality and useful products. Having nearly a century of history making durable and quality goods, Craftsman has created its own place in the market.

This snow blower Craftsman 28” has a gas-powered 4 cycle 357 cc engine. It has an electric start option and also has a power steering which enhances the maneuverability of the machine. As the name shows it clearing wide is  28 inches and intake deep is 21 inches as in most three-stage snow blowers.

The 12 inches accelerator runs the snowblower 10x faster than single or two-stage snow blowers. It can break down the icy and heavy wet snow without much effort. 


Height – 43 inches

Length – 28 inches

Weight – 283 lbs

Engine – 4-cycle 357cc OHV engine


Electric start

Number of speeds – 6 forward and 2 reverse

4-way joystick

Tires – 16 inches

Warranty – 2 years

Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490, 24 inches Gas Powered 3 stage snow blower (31AH54Q6766)

Company info

Troy-Bilt is a company founded in 1932 and at that time was just a  family business. Through more than 80 years, this company has developed many equipment and tools necessary for gardening, outdoor chores, etc. Its company is located in Valley City, Ohio. All tools and materials are made in the USA. 

Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490

Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490 3 stage snow blower is a very useful tool that can solve the winter problems for so many people. 

There are many different types of snow blowers with different functions. This one is for clearing thick layers of snow. This means that if you live in an area where there is little snow, you will not need this. And if you have heavy winters and are having trouble clearing the road, this is exactly what you need.

Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490 3 stage snow blower is quite easy to use. The 277 cc engine performs snow removal easily, it will not disappoint you. Connects with an electric start and has heated handles. With 4-way remote pitch and chute control, you can direct the snow in the direction you want. The headlight is also a good advantage as it will help the snow blower to work effectively in the dark.

Let us list the specifications, features, and some shortcomings in a few points

This snow blower belongs to the Troy-Bilt brand, which has a long history of creating such devices. Having a stable position in the market and a good reputation guarantees good quality and reliability.

It weighs 230 pounds. Although it is quite heavy but easy to hold by hand. You can hold it with one hand and use it.

Dimensions – 48.63 x 26.75 x 32.75 inches, LxWxH:

Engine – 4-cycle 277cc Gas Powered, Electric Start:

Clears up to 24 inches wide and 21 inches deep road snow

Thanks to its 3-stage construction, the accelerator spins and accelerates snow removal 10 times faster than two-stage snow blowers powered by 2 augers. The accelerator, which is 12 inches, is able to quickly separate thick layers of snow, ice, and wet snow.

Disadvantages include the chute joystick, sometimes customers complain that it is not so easy to use.

Warranty conditions are also good. A two-year warranty is provided if there are manufacturing defects.

For the device to work properly, you need to clean the augers regularly, especially if you clean thick snow.


CUB CADET 3X 26 inches 265 pounds 3-Stage snowblower

The next snowblower belongs to the Cub Cadet company. It started its activity in 1961 and specializes in creating devices for outdoor work. The company is located in Kentucky. However, this company sold its business to MTD corporation in 1981.

This snow blower is designed to clear heavy snow. It weighs 265 pounds, but despite its heavyweight, it is not difficult to use. It connects as easily as the previous model with an electric start.

Thanks to its skid blue shoes, it facilitates the smooth sliding of the device on different surfaces. With this flat surface, it does not damage the road, as well as the bottom of the device. LED headlights also ensure uninterrupted operation in the dark. Heavy-duty cast aluminum and steel-made chute help to do a good job during heavy and snowy winters.

Warmable hand grips make work pleasant and easy. And most importantly, such work efficiency lies in its 3-Stage technology. Thanks to its accelerator, it speeds up and facilitates snow removal by 50% compared to two-stage snow blowers.

And now let’s briefly discuss the features and specifications of this snow blower.

Model – Cub Cadet 3X

Dimensions – 49 x 28.5 x 34 inches, LxWxH:

Weight – 265 Pounds:

Engine Displacement – 357 Cubic Centimeters:

Fuel Tank Capacity – 5 qt.

The number of speeds- 6 forward / 2 reverse:

Clears up to 26 inches wide and 21 inches deep road snow:

Warranty conditions are not bad either. Auger Gearbox has a 5-year limited warranty.

To sum up, for this 3 stage Cub Cadet snow blower, it is visible that with its all specifications it will definitely help you in harsh winters. 


Cub Cadet 3X (28″) 3-Stage snow blower 

This snow blower also belongs to the Cub Cadet brand, but unlike the 26 in. it is 28 inches. This is also a 3-Stage snow blower. As you know, 3-Stage snow blowers are designed to clear larger and deeper snowy areas. From this point of view, they are quite effective and have no alternative.

This model cleans 50% faster than two-stage snow blowers. Well, as you can see, this is because of the induction accelerator. It pushes the device forward without difficulty and removes excess snow by throwing it at about 40 ft. side away:

Innovative LED dual headlights to provide uninterrupted operation at any time of the day, whether in the dark or at night. Able to work effectively on different surfaces. Well as the name suggests clearing width is 28 in. and the intake deep, as in the case of other models, is 21in.


The engine is a Cub Cadet 4-cycle OHV engine.

Fuel Tank Capacity is 5 qt.

Weight (lb.) 285:

Engine Displacement 357cc:

Engine Start –  Recoil and Push-Button:

Dimensions – 49 x 29 x 34 inches, LxWxH:

5-year limited warranty for auger gearbox, 3-year limited residential, and 1-year limited commercial warranty.


Troy-Bilt Vortex 2690, 26-Inch Three-Stage Gas-Powered, 283 pounds, 4 Cycle  Snow blower (31AH55Q7766)

This 3- stage snow blower is another model from the Troy Bilt brand. This gas-powered, 357 cc 26 -inch snow blower will do the hard job for you.  As with previous blowers, this one too has an electric start. During heavy winters you can clean snow with a width of 26 inches and go deep up to 21 inches right away.

With the help of a 4-way pitch and chute, you can control the snow direction and work comfortably. This model uses tracks. They are 15×5 inches X-Trac tires, which will allow smooth work on steep surfaces.

As three-stage snow blowers, this one too has an accelerator which is 12 inches and due to this, it can break snow and ice 10 times faster. The headlight will help in gloomy weather. 

To sum up, this Troy-Bilt Vortex 2690 3-stage snow blower is well suited for cleaning the driveway with its 26 inches auger. It can easily break down wet and icy snow. You won’t freeze during work as heated handgrips will provide you with warmth and comfort. 


Brand – Troy-Bilt 

Weight – 283 pounds

Dimensions – 48.25 x 30.75 x 32.37 inches,  LxWxH

Gas Powered

Electric start

Engine Displacement – 357 cc

Fuel tank – 1.25 gal

Speeds – 6 Forward / 2 Reverse 

Warranty – 2 -year limited warranty for the product and 4- year limited warranty for the auger gearbox. 


A guide while buying a 3-stage snow blower

I know that it is very difficult to make the right choice. When you are in need of something to buy for your home, you must consider many things before buying so as not to regret it when everything is done already. So here today in this 3-stage snow blowers review, you will find useful information. Consider these tips while buying a 3-stage snow blower.

Pay attention to the engine

Engine performance is the most important part of this job. It bears the burden of the work. Learn engine displacement, valve configuration, brand. See what reputation the engine of that brand has in the market, what are the opinions of buyers. Also keep in mind that the higher the displacement of the motor, the better it directs power to the augers.

Pay attention to the size

One of the most important considerations is clearing width and intake height. For example, if the clearing width is large, it can clear larger areas at once. Therefore, consider the size of your area, the width of the area, and the density of snow in your area.

Source of power

Gas-powered 3-stage snow blowers are more popular in the market. Because 3-stage snow blowers are designed to do heavier work, they use gas. This allows the device to run at greater power and be more durable and effective. 


As 3-stage snow blowers are usually heavy, you will need reliable tires. Big wheels in this case are more trusted to be used. Pay attention to the irregular pattern to be on the tire as it will ensure safe and stable usage. 


Keep this in mind as well. If you want your snow to go away far, you must first consider your area and capabilities. If you really want a snow blower that throws far away, take those that throw snow 50 feet away.

Take into consideration the capabilities of your home or neighborhood; if you do not have large areas, you should take smaller ones (if you live in a densely populated area). 


Make sure the tool is made of quality materials. Pay attention to the fact that it uses at least 12 gauge steel.  Check that the blades are made of steel. Steel blades break the ice more easily and are more durable.

Fuel tank

 Pay attention to this as well. The more capacity there is, the more fuel it can hold, the longer you can use it.


Having a steering wheel is also an advantage. This makes it easier to control the snow blower.

Auto chute rotation

This helps to change the direction of the chute without stopping the device and keep working. If you want to finish the job quickly, choose the options that provide Auto chute rotation.


This is especially true for 3-stage snow blowers. Mostly we do snow removal or early in the morning when we have to go to work and we need to make our way clean because of the snow at night. Or in the evening when we have already come from work. Therefore, headlights can really help us to see better and use the device more safely.



1. Are 3 stage snow blowers worth it?

This question cannot be answered unequivocally. First of all, 3 stage snow blowers are generally the latest and most advanced versions of snow blowers. They are designed to clear large areas of thick layers of snow and do it the fastest.

This means that if you live in a place where there is a lot of snow, you have a large area that needs to be cleaned quickly, then 3 stage snow blowers are the best for that. Of course, they are more expensive and if you do not save on that, then they are really worth it.

2. What is a 3 stage snow blower?

The 3 stage snow blower is actually the same blower as the two-stage snow blower, but another stage has been added; the accelerator. It can quickly break up ice, thick layers of snow. That is, it does the job with more power and speed, it is a more improved type and is designed for bigger, harder snow removal.

3. What is the best 3 stage snow blower?

Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet models present 3 stage snow blowers on the market. Some of these models are presented above. Everyone enjoys a good reputation. The difference is in the price, in the small details.

4. What is the difference between 2 and 3-stage snow blowers?

The 2-stage snow blower works in two stages, consisting of auger and impeller. These are designed to split snow and ice, and the 3 stage snow blower has an additional impeller that speeds up the rotation process by 10 times.

5. Where can I store my snow blower?

If you want to use your snow blower for a long time, you need to store it properly. Every time you use it, always add a fuel stabilizer to your gas cans. This ensures that your engine work will be done properly, it will work clean, and will operate easily after each season.

The case is that that fuel stabilizer helps the gas not to break down and become soupy. This can lead to blocking fuel lines, tanks, etc. So when using a fuel stabilizer, it won’t let this happen, as it will absorb humidity.

Then drain the fuel. Never leave your fuel in a snow blower when you want to finally store your snow blower for the next season. If you won’t do this then it will be extremely difficult to clean fuel lines because of fuel left in the tank. To do so, just run your snow blower until the last glimpse of your fuel.

Then you can wipe down the snow blower with a wet cloth to remove stains, etc. Spray the snow blower with rust preventive spray to prevent corrosion.

The next step is wrapping the snow blower. You can use a snowblower cover not to let the dust and dirt come into your snow blower. And at last, you can keep it in your garage. 

6. Is clearing width important? 

It is important if you want to do the job fast. It actually fastens the process as it eats up more snow at once. Most 3- stage snow blowers have a clearing width from 24 inches to 28 or 30 inches. So it is a matter of preference. 

7. Are heated grips beneficial? Is it worth the money to pay for it?

Actually, models that have heated grips cost higher than the ones not having them. It is again a matter of preference. If you have to use the tool for clearing large areas, then it will be comfortable to do the job without freezing your hands. It is actually worth the money paid for it.

But if you don’t have much work to do you can save and buy models that don’t have that option. 

8. How to take care of a 3-stage snow blower?

Of course, if you want to maintain your snow blower well, you need to use and take care of it properly. For example, when you’re done, hold the device switched on for a few more minutes to clear any snow and ice left on the device to prevent further damage to the auger and impeller.

And after turning it off, sweep the rest of the snow out of the device to prevent it from rusting again.

9. How long can snow blowers serve us?

In fact, it consists of several points. First of all, what brand of snow blower do you buy, what reputation and quality it has in the market? Second and foremost is how you care for and use your snow blower. No matter how good the quality and well-known brand is, if you do not follow the rules of use, it will spoil ahead of time.

And so they can serve you for decades if you choose a good brand and follow the rules of use.

10. Is it difficult to use a snow blower, do you need special training?

No, it’s not that difficult to use a snow blower. Modern snow blowers are very easy to use because they are self-propelled, most of them have steering power. They are created so to help you run the snow blower without much difficulty. You can control them with an auto chute, 4-way joysticks without any problem.

So you don’t use your body power or make much effort while running the snow blower.

11. When to start clearing the snow, how many inches of snow is needed to run the machine?

Actually, three-stage snow blowers are intended for tough cleanings. So you can wait until it reaches 5 or 6 inches. It is not recommended to use it for slight snowing. For that, you can use single or two-stage snow blowers.

12. Is it right to use the snow blower on wet snow? 

Actually, there is no problem if you want to use it in wet snow. Just you need a powerful snow blower motor in that case. 3 stage snow blowers have the power to provide you with clearing the wet snow. The engine power enables that process, also the third accelerator enhances the work. Above mentioned models have that option.

You can easily clean any obstacles in front of you, whether it is deep snow, wet or dry, or accumulated ice. 

13. Which one is better to use on a snow blower; tracks or wheels?

It is a good question. The surface really matters. If you have a steep surface, then it will be better for you to use a snow blower with tracks. And on contrary, if you have an even surface, choose a snow blower with wheels. Also mind that snow blowers with tracks are heavier, more expensive, and less movable.

So really consider your surface differences to buy the right one. 

14. Which one to buy gas-powered or electric snow blowers?

You can find both types of snowblowers in the market. Anyway, the power source really matters how the snow blowers operate. For example, electric snow blowers are less heavier but they are not as powerful as gasoline snow blowers and can’t not clear large and deep snow piles.

Also for electric snow blowers, you will need an extension cord to supply the blower with power. Anyway, they are less noisy, need less maintenance. On the contrary gasoline snow blowers though are more powerful and can clean large amounts of snow and ice, are noisier, and require regular maintenance (you need to check oil, fuel lines, etc.) 

So here the choice lies again in your preferences. If you have less place to clean and snow is light, choose electric-powered snow blowers, and conversely if you need to get rid of large piles of snow and ice and want it done quickly choose gasoline snow blowers. 

Final thoughts

Well, to sum up, it is obvious that 3 stage snow blowers are one of the best available blowers in the market. If you know your weather conditions, have harsh winters, and piles of snow surrounded on your roadways then buying 3 stage snow blowers becomes a must.

It is so as single-stage snow blowers or even two-stage snow blowers can’t do the harsh job for you. These innovative 3 stage snow blowers are specially designed for clearing deep snow and ice from your car driveways.

Here above-presented snow blowers are the best ones on the market. Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, and Craftsman brands are well known for their quality products that make everyday life easier. Above mentioned models slightly differ in their clearing wide inches, engine displacement, price, and design.

To have a good purchase you need to know your needs and preferences and choose between them. Snow blowers can save us time and energy, preventing us from getting stuck in snow piles. They are innovative solutions for us so why not make a purchase that is worth it!


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