Workpro quantum 9000 review

Having convenient and comfortable conditions while working is a good plus. You stay energized, motivated, and don’t feel tiredness and as much boredom as you would feel in inappropriate conditions. In this Workpro quantum 9000 review, we will see the features and characteristics of the Workpro quantum 9000 ergonomic chair

A comfortable chair is a must to have. When working you don’t want to get distracted because of an uncomfortable chair, desk, or device. So comfort takes a place for our work productivity.

 What makes this chair special. First, it is its price. You can find many ergonomic chairs that have higher prices but actually have the same features and options. So, why not save and have a better purchase with this Workpro quantum 9000 chair.

So let us examine and find out the details and features of this chair thoroughly so as to make for you clear whether it is worth it or not.  


The high back seat of this chair is of mesh fabric. This helps to circulate the air and for that, you can seat long hours of working without having sweated chair. It is also comfy and supportive.

It is quite a heavy chair, meaning its materials are of good quality and not just made of cheap plastic. The chair can weigh up to 275 pounds. With a nylon frame, you can be sure about the firmness of this chair. Most of the budget-friendly chair frames are made of plastic.

The frame is the thing to be made of quality materials as in case of plastic it quickly damages and either you need to buy a new one or replace the frame. So be confident for long-lasting use.

The 5-pronged base will ensure enduring use of the chair. You can spin the chair at 360 degrees and still have a strong foundation. 

The wheel casters are also made of nylon. The wheels move silently, making no noise so as to not disturb anyone. While wheel casters work best on soft surfaces like on carpets. 

The rest of the structure is made of metal. The armrest base and the all-important parts are made of metal. 

Highly adjustable 

ergonomic chair has some amazing adjustment options. You can adjust the chair to its height and tilt angle. But it also has a special tilt mechanism. The backrest of the chair can tilt up to 30 degrees backward. You can do this with the tension knob and lock in the tilt angle you desire. 

You can adjust the armrests too.  The seat depth is also adjustable. It can adjust between 19-21 inches. 


One of the best parts of this chair is its ergonomic features. Ergonomic chairs tend to be supportive, comfy and they help to maintain sitting posture avoiding back and neck pain. 

The armrests are covered with cushions that minimize pain in the elbows and when sitting long hours on the chair. 

The seat cushion is very comfy too. It has a waterfall design. It descends from the center and makes the chair extra enjoyable. This is designed so to release the stress from the legs that can be caused while sitting for a long time on the chair. 


The other important part of buying any chair for many of us is lumbar support. As WorkPro quantum 9000 chair is ergonomic it is extra good for lumbar support as it is designed so to give much lower back support. So the chair will not damage the spine of your curve. Having long hours of work, in this case, is ensured. 


This chair for its price is always compared to another famous and pricy office chair called Herman Miller Aeron. As Workpro Quantum 9000 ergonomic chair has some amazing features that usually pricy chairs have, consumers, like it for its affordability.

Click here to find the budget-friendly price of this Workpro quantum 9000 office chair. 


Brand – Workpro 

Depth – 28 inches

Width – 29-½ inches

Height – 43-¾ inches

Weight capacity – 275 pounds

Seat material -nylon

Color – Black

Chair back material- mesh

Backrest tilt degree – 30

Daily usage – 8-10 hours

Warranty – 10 years


So what we have actually


  • Heavy materials that ensure the chair to be of good quality. All important parts are made of metal, the armrest base, the cylinder, the links between different parts.


  • The seat depth is adjustable; To do it, you need to push back the second switch on the right part of the chair and glide it between 19-21 inches. Then you can push forward the switch to lock in that position. People who are taller will surely use this feature for the maximum depth.  


  • Mesh material; one of the best features mentioned by customers. It is the comfiest part of the chair, the first impression when you sit on it. So the backrest and seat materials are the 1st to consider on. The mesh material is not too firm and not too smooth.


  • That’s why its mesh is called to be of medium-firmness. So, this is the right level to feel comfortable. The breathability in this sense is superb. No more sweats while seating on the chair for long hours. 


  • Padded armrests; The armrests are filled with cushions that provide comfort for your elbows and forearms. You can move the armrests too. You can rotate them 25° inwards and rotate them 5° outwards. 


  • For making adjustments use the knob that has 3 switches. 


  • The amazing tilt mechanism: As mentioned above the tilt mechanism allows you to tilt the chair by 30°. This makes extra comfort; you can tilt the chair from the upright position and lock in the degree you want and have a  relax. 


To make clear, let’s see the pros and cons of the Workpro quantum 9000 ergonomic chair



  • The heavy metals and nylon parts help to hold up to 275 pounds. This also guarantees 
  • durability and shows that it is made of quality materials.
  • The ergonomic features help to maintain the body’s natural position. The waterfall seat design helps blood circulation. Due to this, you can work long hours sitting on a chair and have no strain in the legs. 
  • Has a budget-friendly price. Why people like this chair is because the Workpro quantum 9000 has nearly the same features as other expensive chairs. 
  • Easy to adjust the chair
  • The mesh is breathable
  • Good design



  • Doesn’t have neck support 
  • Some users would like the lumber area to be adjustable too
  • There is a little play in the armrests



  1. How comfortable is the WorkPro Quantum 9000 Chair from a work standpoint?

 The WorkPro Quantum 9000 may seem like a very ordinary office chair at first glance. However, when we look at the functions of the chair, it becomes clear that it can be quite a comfortable chair. Due to its adjustability, it can serve a variety of functions, so it can be suitable for both long-term use and relaxation at the same time.

  1. Are there more advantages or disadvantages for users?

Judging by the opinions of buyers, it can be concluded that the majority considers this chair a very effective chair for its functions and price. Many are also pleased by the look of the chair too. People who usually have back and leg pain while working on this chair no longer complain of that pain. This is due to the ergonomic structure of the chair, as well as the armrests are soft, the backrest is made of mesh, the lumbar support, etc. all contribute to a calm and comfortable work without muscle and bone pain.

  1. Is this workpro quantum 9000 chair suitable for heavy and tall people?

First of all, the chair can hold up to 275 pounds, and the height of the chair is generally suitable for people up to 6 feet. Therefore, the chair can not be considered comfortable for people over 6 feet tall. In that case, they should buy office chairs specifically for the big and tall. And often, if there are any complaints about the chair, it is mainly with the height adjustment. Therefore, it can be concluded that this chair is more suitable for middle-aged people, but 275 pounds is quite large in terms of weight.

  1. How much time does it take to assemble the chair?

First, some parts are already pre-assembled. Users note that the chair is very easy to assemble, it takes almost 5 minutes. This means that anyone can easily assemble the chair and there will be no need to consult a specialist.

  1. What are the warranty terms?

This workpro quantum 9000 ergonomic chair has a 10-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. This is a really long time for such a chair.

A guide when buying an office chair


As you can see, when it comes to buying office chairs, everyone cares about comfort. Employees should spend a lot of time at work or even at home and should not feel tired in the back and legs when sitting in a chair for a long time.

So let’s take a look at some of these points when buying an office chair and see how well these points match with the workpro quantum 9000.


Office chairs are quite diverse and are made of different materials and constructions. Here you have to first consider your individual requirements because each of the materials is designed to perform a specific function.

For example, mesh chairs provide breathability, air circulation is good and the chair does not become hot after sitting for a long time. Leather or artificial leather chair covers, on the contrary, make the chair look more luxurious and expensive.

Also if you have to sit on a chair for a long time, you should not choose either a very soft or a  firm chair. Too much softness causes you to relax and become more sleepy, and too much firmness in chairs makes it harder for you to concentrate. Therefore, chairs with medium softness are the most suitable for long work.

In the workpro quantum 9000 review, as we saw, both the seat and the back of the chair are made of mesh. It is breathable and has a medium softness. Therefore, from this point of view, workpro quantum 9000 has got a plus.


We all have different heights. Therefore seat height adjustments are important. Be sure to choose height-adjustable chairs. If you choose a very high chair, you will have trouble constantly lowering your legs to the ground. Even with a low chair, your knees will be higher than your hips.

This will cause tension in the back and further back pain. The ideal position for the body should be so that your thighs are level with your hips or slightly below your hips. In this case, there is no tension in the back.

Therefore, the best option is to buy height-adjustable chairs. In this case, everyone can make adjustments according to their height. As we saw in the workpro quantum 9000 review, the chair is height-adjustable. However, it may not be suitable for very tall people.


Tilt function:

All of us have different body proportions and to find our best position on the chair we will need a tilt control option on the chair. It is highly recommended to have chairs that have the option to change the chair angle according to your body’s fit. 

According to experts, when sitting in the correct position of the body, it should have a certain inclination. This inclination is important for the spine, especially if you sit for a long time or sit in one position.

It becomes clear that when choosing an office chair, you should take this point into account and choose chairs with a tilt function. As mentioned above in our workpro quantum 9000 review, the chair can be tilted up to 30 degrees from its upright position and lock in the position you need.

Lumbar Support:

The lumbar part also needs support. Although it is one of the strongest parts of our body. However, it also needs support. Choose chairs that perform this function. Many people may think that this is not one of the most important points, but believe me, in the case of uncomfortable chairs, many people complain of back pain. The workpro quantum 9000 review showed that the chair we are reviewing has this point.

Of course, some buyers point out that they would like the lumbar part to be adjustable as well, and they point to this as a drawback or suggest adding that feature. However, many are also happy that it has just lumbar support.


Also, consider the presence of armrests when buying a chair. One of the best options is to buy a chair with adjustable armrests. It is one of the best ways to get rid of fatigue at work. For example, with fixed armrests, you have to constantly stretch your arms to reach the desk.

As we saw in the workpro quantum 9000 review, it has adjustable armrests with soft padded cushions. Anyway, some users think that armrests do not move a little well.

Your budget:

The budget should be important when buying any item; how much money do you plan to spend?

There are many types of office chairs, prices ranging from as low as $50 and costing thousands of dollars.
Anyway, this is an individual decision, but looking at the market, we can say that in the case of very cheap chairs you will definitely not get proper working conditions, because these chairs can not provide functions that are beneficial to human physiology. And in the case of many expensive ones, although there are similar functions, more emphasis is placed on the luxurious look, expensive materials. The brand also adds value to the chair here. While mid-priced chairs are the most used and practical. They have both ergonomic design and functions for office work and are also durable. In workpro quantum 9000 review, we saw that it fits the pockets of many buyers both in terms of price and quality. The rest is up to you.

Customer Reviews

Overall reviews are positive on Amazon. 79% of buyers gave this chair 5 stars, 14% gave 4 stars and only 3% gave 1 star. All in all, there are 470 reviews. Let’s see what opinions there are about this chair.

For example, a buyer named Jeffrey Armstrong says that the parts of the chair are quite strong and heavy and it is very comfortable to support the back well. He also mentions that the lever was broken and he was not very happy with the packaging.

But a week after applying, he was sent the broken part. He would also like to have the installation instructions sent with that part, although without it the buyer states that he was able to install it.

Another buyer, David Miller,

gave the chair 5 stars and wrote that before buying this chair, he used the Herman Miller Aeron chair in the office, but bought a workpro quantum 9000 to work from home. The buyer says that at first, he was not so sure that he would like the chair, because he already knew the quality of the Herman Miller Aeron chairs.

However, because he did not want to pay that much for the chair, he decided to try workpro quantum 9000. And now he is very happy with his purchase because the chair serves him exactly as he wants. He mentions that it is very comfortable, it has all the adjustments, it is strong, thanks to the mesh fabric it solves his heating problem. In short, he is very satisfied and advises to buy.

A buyer named Brian

gave the chair 5 stars and wrote that it is a good chair for the price. The buyer also noted that assembling the chair was easy. Likes all the parts, they are strong, have quality, only does not like the wheels and thinks about changing.

Another buyer, Ashley,

writes that the chair is beautiful and comfortable. But she would like the seat to be a little springy. Overall satisfied with her purchase. She really likes the wheels. She mentions that this one slides softer than the wheels of her former chair. The buyer assembled the chair herself.

At first, she turned to a specialist, but then canceled the service because she is impatient and does not like to wait. And it takes a week to wait for a specialist. Assembling the chair was of medium difficulty for her. She mentions that it would have been better if the specialist had assembled it, but she does not like to wait.


Final thoughts

Upon review, we can conclude that this workpro quantum 9000 chair can be a very good choice for many. Workpro quantum 9000 can be considered for a number of its features a comfortable and quality chair.

Of course, this can not be compared with very expensive chairs, which are made of better quality materials and have many more functions and settings. But all the users mention that they made a rather advantageous purchase compared to its price. 

If you ask, should I buy this chair? Then I will definitely say yes. It may be the best choice for those who do not want to pay three times more for a chair with such functions. Why pay more for a chair that is quite similar in quality, almost like expensive chairs.


before buying you must know your needs and consider your budget. If you want to have a good office chair with durable parts, mesh seat and backrest, with ergonomic design and adjustable features and to pay for it less than 400 USD then as many customers, you will surely find this purchase as the best buy.

On the contrary, if you are able to pay much more for the expensive chairs with the best quality available and also you look for chairs for big and tall then it is not for you.  

Whatever you decide, in this workpro quantum 9000 review we tried to show the features of these chairs, the pros, and cons, the real customer reviews that you can find on Amazon. Consider all this and make the best buy for you!


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