Best Vacuum Under 300 – Keeping Your House Squeaky Clean without Breaking the Bank


Every household needs a vacuum cleaner. Regardless of the type of household – it could be a rented place, a student dormitory, and so on – you certainly need a vacuum for your cleaning needs. But, at the same time, you also need the best vacuum under 300!

On the other side, if you’re on a budget, then you might need the best vacuum under 300 dollars. According to popular belief, anything above 300 should qualify for industrial or professional level vacuum cleaners. However, everything under that specific sum should keep your house clean without any issues. Most importantly, it will do so without breaking the bank.

Therefore, without any further ado, let’s take a close look at a detailed list of the best vacuums under the 300 mark. We also have prepared for you a rather comprehensive buying guide. It contains all the details that you need to make a wise and budget-friendly purchase!


Best Vacuum Under 300 – Top 15 Best Products to Keep Your Eye On

Let’s start things strong by showing you which are the best 15 vacuums under 300 that you can currently find online. All of the following come from reputed manufacturers, have more than enough positive customer ratings online, and have our seal of approval when it comes to a product that you should keep your eye on if you have a purchase in mind.


  1. BISSELL Featherweight Stick Lightweight Beagles Vacuum

The first entry on our list is both a lightweight and cheap vacuum. The product is fit for anyone with low to moderate cleaning requirements if we can say so. However, don’t let its size and weight trick you – this is still one powerful piece of household equipment.

On top of that, it comes equipped with three different functions. There are perfect for just about any type of house out there. Namely, you can use it as a stick vacuum, as a stair vacuum, as well as a handle vacuum. It adapts to the users’ preferences, as you can see.

The versatility of the vacuum comes from its crevice tool and a floor nozzle. These can increase the number of surfaces it can clean. When it comes to reviews, versatility is on top, closely followed by how easy it makes hardwood floors to clean. Then, most buyers like the fact that it acts pretty much like a plug and play piece of equipment.

You just unpack this best vacuum cleaner under $300 and it’s ready to use.

Specifications – weighs almost 4 pounds, designed for carpet and hard floors; top choice in terms of stick vacuums and top 100 in home and kitchen products.


  1. Dirt Devil Endura Reach Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Next up we have the Dirt Devil. This one is a bit bigger than our previous entry and also comes with a higher price – but nothing extraordinary. The product comes equipped with a proprietary Endura filter. This particular filter boasts no loss of suction whatsoever. It doesn’t matter what type of dust or dirt you try to vacuum, it will have the same power.

The vacuum’s dirt cup has a rather large capacity, of up to 1.5 liters. On top of that, you can open the cup holder with a single push of a button. This makes for easier dirt disposal.

In terms of attachments and features, the vacuum cleaner has a handy extension wand, quick cord release, a fully rinsable filter, a 2 in 1 dusting brush, a crevice tool, a brushroll designed for multi-floor purposes, as well as Cleanpath technology embedded in the vacuuming head.

As for the customer reviews, people praised the vacuum’s suction power. Then, they liked the fact that it’s extremely easy to clean, and also the fact that it’s lightweight – which is always a plus when trying to buy the best vacuum under 300.


Specifications – weighs around 9 pounds, designed for hard floor and carpets; top 3 when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners and is one of the most appreciated vacuums on Amazon.


  1. Eureka NEU182B PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

For the following product, we have a vacuum from Eureka, which is a very known brand in the industry (you’ll learn more about the brands present in this article after this top 15 list).

This vacuum is $20 shy of $100, making it the perfect choice for those finding themselves in the lower end of under $300 if we can say so. It is equipped with a rather powerful dynamic motor. This motor, with the help of a brush roll, can vacuum almost any type of debris. For increased efficiency, the vacuum features a 12.6 inches nozzle.

Then, for increased adaptability, the vacuum has 5 different height adjustments. You can easily clean any type of surface and produce the needed brushing power to lift all debris. The 4.1 liters dust cup will ensure the fact that you’ll have to empty it only after you’re done vacuuming. Last but not least, like any other best vacuum under 300 out there, it comes with accessories included.

Customers liked this product for its suction power, the fact that it’s lightweight and very easy to use after being delivered.

Specifications – weighs around 10 pounds; designed for carpets and hard floors; top 4 when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners; one of the most rated vacuums on Amazon, with almost 40k ratings.


  1. Eureka Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Compact Bagless Upright Vacuum

Here’s another product from Eureka that’s in the same price range, but a tad cheaper. This one features the same technology as the previous entry, namely the AirSpeed one. On top of that, it also comes with a quick release handle. The latter allows you to clean hard to reach spaces and surfaces much easier.

The product has a rather large cleaning path, of 10.5 inches in width.

Thanks to its very slim design, you can store it in almost any place in your home, without facing the risk of being hit. it’s also pretty durable, just in case. The filter that it comes equipped with is fully washable and rinsable. This means that you don’t have to spend money on extra filters or clean it professionally.

All in all, it’s quite similar to the previous entry, but it’s reportedly much lighter. As such, it is ideal for houses with more than one floor – it’s also ten bucks cheaper. Given the manufacturer’s reputation, this is more than just a safe purchase.

The customers liked the fact that the product is easy to clean, lightweight, and very easy to assemble, adapt for new surfaces and change all of its accessories and attachments.

Specifications – weighs around 7.7 pounds and is designed for both carpets and hard floors; currently number nine in upright vacuum cleaners and has more than 10k reviews with an overall rating of 4.4 stars out of five.


  1. Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This product from Hoover is reportedly specially designed for those that share a home with their furry friends. The vacuum comes equipped with a series of multi-purpose pet tools. These can deal with dirt, hair and similar things caused by your pet. On top of that, these tools are ideal for hard-to-reach surfaces, such as stairs and not only.

When it comes to filtration, the vacuum’s filter system is completely sealed and is based on HEPA technology. In short, this means that the product is able to capture up to 99% of all allergens, dust and so on. At the same time, it also prevents them from getting back into the air that you breathe.

As expected from any top vacuum cleaner, this product features all the tools and accessories needed to clean all types of surfaces. It doesn’t matter how dirty or how difficult they are to reach.

Specifications – weighs around 17 pounds and is designed for both carpets and hard floors; currently is top 3 when it comes to indoor upright vacuums and top 20 upright vacuum cleaners. In short, it deserves its spot on this best vacuum under 300 list.


  1. BISSELL Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 


For almost $100, you can get this BISSELL vacuum cleaner, which comes ready to serve you with more than 20k positive reviews. The vacuum is equipped with the OnePass technology. This grants the product more suction power, as well as an innovative brush that requires no second passes when vacuuming floors.

In terms of tools and accessories, this particular vacuum cleaner has on board storage for them. You don’t have to stop vacuuming and go search for that one accessory that you need.

Ultimately, for increased accessibility, this vacuum offers you a 25-foot-long power cord, a 6-foot-long suction hose, and a rather wide, 13.5 inches cleaning path. This is pretty much everything you need in an efficient best vacuum under 300.

Specifications – weighs around 13 pounds and is designed mainly for hard floors. It’s currently in top 20 when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners, has over 20k reviews and a rating of 4.7 out of 5.


  1. Coredy R580 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Naturally, you can’t have a top of the best vacuum cleaners if you don’t mention robot cleaners. For that, we have a product that’s barely under $300. However, it is one that is certainly worth the money, as you’ll soon see.

This product from Coredy is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa, meaning that you can control it via voice commands. Also, thanks to a very nifty app, you can monitor it in real-time.

Now, when it comes to the important functions – the cleaning ones -, this product supports wet-dry mopping. With the help of this function, it can help you get rid of pretty much any type of dirt and stains, even those in your kitchen.

Specifications – weighs around 9 pounds and is designed for most types of flooring; at the moment, this particular model is top 32 in robotic vacuums and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.


  1. NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum, 26Kpa Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Our next entry is a more modern best vacuum under 300. It has the filter and dust cup located at the very top of the vacuum, making for an extremely slim product. But it’s not just that! Thanks to the way it was designed, this cordless vacuum can be easily transformed into a half-length product, as well as into a hand vacuum.

This means that you’ll be able to vacuum any type of surface, regardless of how difficult it is to reach.

When it comes to power, the product is rated 280w – so it provides you with more than enough suction power. Any type of information that you might need can also be found on the product’s LED display. This might not be a necessary feature, but definitely a welcomed one.

Last but not least, the vacuum can stand on its own, without needing any type of support. Also, as you might have guessed, this is a cordless model. The vacuum runs on a 7-cell detachable battery, which is also quite lightweight.

Specifications – weighs around 8 pounds and is designed for almost all types of surfaces; currently, it’s top 54 for stick vacuums and electric brooms. Customers praised the fact that it’s lightweight and very easy to use.


  1. Shark ZS362 APEX Corded Stick Vacuum

Next up, we have a product that can easily be called dust Shark, not only thanks to its brand. At the moment, you can purchase this model for around $200, since it’s on sale. Nevertheless, it’s still a great deal.

Among its most important features, we have to mention the dual-brushroll system. This is specially designed for deep cleaning carpets and difficult materials. On top of that, this brushroll can also clean itself, even if it picks pet hair and many more types of dirt.

If needed, the product can transform into a handheld vacuum, for increased portability and accessibility. Then, for increased efficiency, the product is equipped with LED headlights. These are located around the nozzle and on the top of the handheld vacuum.

Specifications – weighs around 10 pounds, comes with a 5-year limited warranty, and is designed for carpets, hard floors, as well as for above floors. Currently, the product is top 21 when it comes to handheld vacuums.


  1. Kenmore BC2005 Pet Friendly Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum

For our number 10, we have a more classic product, if we can call it that way. It comes with a vacuuming unit and with a telescoping wand that’s more than just efficient and easy to use.

Then, the vacuum comes with a total of 3 attachments, as well as with dedicated storage space for these. The 26-inch cord is retractable but slim enough to make space for all of the other attachments. These attachments are a bare floor tool, two HEPA bags, and a 3-in-1 combination cleaning tool).

Last but not least, the cleaning wand can extend up to 9.5 feet. This makes it extremely easy to reach all difficult areas in your home. As with every other vacuum, the handle is detachable.

Specifications – weighs around 22 pounds and is designed for all types of floors, mats and surfaces. Currently, this is the 3rd best product for the canister vacuum cleaner category. It has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, making it one of the best vacuum under $300.


  1. iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

We’re now taking a look at another robot vacuum. This one comes with almost 50k total positive reviews – it’s more than just a safe purchase, to say the least. The premium feature of this product is the 3-stage cleaning system. It loosens debris, lifts it, and then suctions it into the built-in dust cup.

On top of that, a sweeping brush will take care of all corners and surfaces that this type of product usually can’t reach.

Obviously, the product is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, making it very easy to control. It is basically a fully equipped robot vacuum, ready to clean your floors every single day.

Specifications – weighs around 7 pounds and is designed for all types of floors (though fluffy carpets might give it a hard time). At only $135, it’s the best product in two categories – robotic vacuums and commercial indoor robotic vacuums.


  1. Kenmore Intuition BU4022 Bagged Upright Vacuum Pet Friendly

The Kenmore Intuition is a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, equipped with everything that you might need to properly clean your house. First of all, it features lift-up technology that allows you to turn the product into a handheld one, ideal for stairs and above floor cleaning.

Then, another technology it features is the no touch bag tech – in short terms, you can clean the dust cup of the vacuum without having to use your hands. It’s a completely hands-free operation.

Last but not least, the product comes equipped with three different attachments, for all types of floors and surfaces, as well as with a suite of dust bags, for increased convenience.

Specifications – weighs around 14 pounds and is designed for all types of floors, carpets and surfaces. It’s top 31 when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners and has a rating of 4.5 stars out of five. This makes it one of the best vacuum under 300.


  1. Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


The Proscenic P10 PRO is another vacuum cleaner that has the dust cup located at the very top of the product and allows for it to be transformed easily into a handheld product. In short, it can be used both in your house and in your car without any issues whatsoever – it is a highly versatile product.

When it comes to power, the product can deliver up to 25,000PA of suction power, capable of removing any type of debris and even neglected, hardened dust. Then, thanks to its powerful battery, the product can run continuously for approximately 1 hour – which should be enough, regardless of surface, especially given the product’s suction power.

Then, in terms of making sure that dust is completely removed, the product features a four-stage filter which is made of HEPA, sponge, steel mesh and cyclone ionosphere filters. In short, once dust gets inside the dust cup, it won’t escape.

Specifications – weighs around 8.2 pounds and is designed for all types of floors and surfaces. Features a rechargeable battery and high-quality HEPA filters. Currently, it’s in top 200 when it comes to stick vacuums and electric brooms.


Here is the third best robotic vacuum under 300 cleaner on our list – this one comes with little over 50k ratings, making it a wise purchase. On top of that, it’s only $200 as well, making it an affordable investment.

Reportedly, this is the slimmest robotic vacuum that you can currently purchase, standing at only 2.85 inches. Even though it’s slim, it is also very quiet and has quite the suction power – around 1300Pa.

Then, thanks to the BoostIQ technology, the vacuum can reach maximum suction power in only 1.5 seconds when it detects that more power is needed to get rid of certain debris.

It features a battery that can reach up to 100 minutes of cleaning on hardwood floors. Naturally, the product recharges itself so you don’t need to pay attention to it throughout the day.

Specifications – weighs around 5.73 pounds and is designed for all types of floors and surfaces. With more than 50k positive reviews, it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. At the moment, is the 3rd best vacuum in the robotic vacuums category.


  1. Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Suction Small Handheld Vac

The last product on our list is a vacuum from Eureka, one of the best brands on the market. This one can be found for around $45, making it an ideal investment for students or for those that don’t need a lot of cleaning – or have a small apartment.

For accessibility, especially within small spaces, the product features a 2-in-1 design – it has an onboard crevice tool, namely, that makes it easier to switch between cleaning modes and surfaces.

Naturally, as expected from slim models and the Eureka brand, the product can be easily converted to a handheld vacuum cleaner from a stick one. Last but not least, the filter is fully washable, meaning that you don’t have to deal with replacement costs or the likes.

Specifications – weighs around 4.4 pounds (very lightweight) and is designed for most floors and surfaces. It’s currently top 35 when it comes to stick vacuums and electric booms. It has a rating of 4.3 stars out of five.



Best Vacuum Under 300 Brands – Which One Should You Get?

As mentioned above, we’ll get a bit into brands, just in case the models we have presented don’t satisfy you or your cleaning needs. On top of that, like it or not, a famous brand does come with the guarantee of quality and not only!



This brand comes on the market with more than 140 years of experience in terms of vacuum cleaners. As such, it goes without saying that they know everything about making the best product for your home and making it clean as better as it can! When it comes to affordable appliance, you can rely on them for the best vacuum under 300.



This brand is part of the Midea Group, which is a manufacturer of vacuums for all types of households. They have quite a lot of experience in making all types of vacuums, from stick to upright, cordless, handhelds, and even canisters.

On top of that, Eureka is also known for their high-quality vacuum accessories, among which we can mention filters, belts, and dust bags.



Eufy is a smart vacuum manufacturer – as you may remember, its entries on our list were top robotic vacuums. In short, they merge technology with suction power perfectly – there’s really nothing else to say here.

On top of that, the brand is also actively working on more smart appliances that might soon hold a spot in your smart home.



Shark is a Canadian brand that, in a rather short time, was able to expand and – nowadays – be present and known on a global level. They are known for pioneering small appliances – you can thank them for your lightweight and easy to use vacuum.

But size is not all they can offer. They manufacture high-end vacuum cleaners, with a lot of suction power – in short, their small products do pack a punch.


Best Vacuum Under 300 Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best?

Now that you know which vacuums and brands are the best, it’s time to find out what to do when you want to choose a vacuum on your own. You might not have access to the products mentioned above or some of them might be out of stock.

In any case, here’s what you should pay attention to when buying vacuum cleaners and want to have the best vacuum under 300!


            Type of Vacuum Cleaner

  • Bagless Vacuums – this type of vacuum is usually very small and, in most cases, handheld. Naturally, they’re very accessible and highly portable and are mostly used for cleaning surfaces on the go, including the interior of vehicles.


  • Corded Vacuums – this type, on the other hand, is a tad more powerful, which is also the main reason why they need a socket to be powered on. They are based on dust bags and usually feature a dust bin that’s built-in on the vacuum’s stick. This increases the product’s portability level. One downside would be the fact that the dust bin has a rather low capacity and has to be emptied quite often.


  • Stick Vacuums – stick vacuums are a combination between corded and bagless. In most cases, however, they do feature a dust bag located under the handle, for increased convenience. Their main characteristic is the fact that they can be turned into handheld vacuums with a simple twist or press of a button.


  • Canister Vacuums – this type is probably the most powerful that you can buy. It is comprised of a stick and a canister (separate unit) which contains the engine and usually the dust bag. As expected, it comes with additional weight and it can also be difficult to carry, especially if you have multiple rooms or floors that need cleaning.


  • Vacuum Robots – last but not least, we have the smart vacuum robots, the ones that act and clean on their own, operate without a cord (and sometimes malfunction). These come with limited suction power and are designed mainly for crumbles and surface dirt, so to speak. They won’t remove stains or dirt embedded in carpets or rugs, but do a good job when it comes to keeping wood or hardwood floors clean.



            Cleaning Power of the Vacuum

When it comes to cleaning power, we refer to vacuums that are suited for your cleaning needs, to so speak. For example, if you have pets that leave behind a lot of hair, a bagless vacuum won’t probably do the trick in your home.

Instead, it would be better if you chose a more powerful vacuum or one that’s specially designed to deal with pet hairs.

You have to take a similar decision if you have multiple floors to clean or if you have rugs and carpets, not only wooden floors.


            The Accessories of the Vacuum

Once again, depending on the type of surfaces that you have in your home, as well as on how much furniture and corners you have, you might want to buy a vacuum with just the type of accessories that you need.

For example, crevice tools are needed for hard-to-reach surfaces, brushes do wonders on hardwood floors, while nozzle tools are recommended for narrow areas that cannot be vacuumed nor brushed with a broom.

If you have expensive flooring, brushes also help you avoid scratching them or leaving nasty marks. Luckily, even the best vacuum under 300 comes with such accessories.


            Washable vs. Replaceable Filters

Here, your choice depends on both preferences and on price. Washable filters are usually preferred because, well – you can easily clean the filter and return to a fresh vacuuming experience, so to say.

On the other hand, replaceable filters have their advantages. With a brand-new filter once in a while you make sure that there’s no bacteria or mold stuck inside the filter. You should choose a washable filter only if you know for sure you can wash it properly.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What is the ideal price to pay for a vacuum cleaner?

As you’ve seen so far, there are a lot of high-end models that can be found for as little as $200, which is why this article presents to you all types of vacuums under $300. Unless you have to clean a commercial area, you shouldn’t pay more than $300 for such a product.


When to change the vacuum’s dust bag?

When the dust bag fills up, vacuums will start to show signs of reduced suction power. They will also emit more noise. Overall, with most types of products, dust bags get full in roughly 8-12 weeks of vacuuming.


When to change or wash the vacuum’s filter?

Just as with the dust bag, a very dirty filter will make itself noticeable via the reduced suction power. If your vacuum isn’t as powerful as it used to be, then you might want to replace or wash its filter.


How often should carpets and rugs be vacuumed?

To keep dirt and debris away from the in-depth layer of carpets and rugs, experts recommend vacuuming at least twice a week. By doing so, you make sure that no dirt gets deep inside the fabric of the rug and that the product maintains its colors.


How often should hard floors be vacuumed?

Usually, one time a week is enough for hard floors to keep their gloss and clean appearance. However, if you have pets, you might want to increase the vacuuming times to two. This also improves air quality since dirt and dust is removed from the surface.


How much warranty time should I look for?

Vacuum cleaners are products that you use on a weekly basis. As such, they should come with a minimum of 5 years of warranty, at least on the important parts. For example, the engine is such an element, among other things.


The Bottom Line

We hope that our article will help you when it comes to purchasing a new vacuum for your home. If you take everything mentioned above into account, you’ll surely buy the best vacuum under 300.

In short, consider the vacuum type, the filters, the cord lengths, as well as its suction power. It’s true that buying a vacuum is not hard – but finding the mode that’s ideal for your home is!

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