What’s the Best TV for Bright Room That You Can Get? Find Out Now!

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What is the single most annoying thing that can happen when watching your favorite movie or show? That’s right. A glare or shine popping up on your TV’s screen. A single glare will end up making you squint so that you can see better what’s happening – unless you equipped your room with the best TV for bright room.

Still, there are even worse scenarios! Nowadays, bright minimalism as the design is a very popular thing. As such, more and more homes adopt a bright color theme. Not only that, but they have as many windows or light sources as possible. This affects all kinds of screens, especially those of TVs.

You’ve probably experienced those 1-2 hours in the morning when a sunray travels across the surface of your TV’s screen. This makes it impossible to watch something. Just because of that, we decided to help you buy the best TV for bright room that you can find and get.

In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know, before, during, and after your purchase. Let’s begin!


Which is the Best TV for Bright Room?

For a great start – and to make things much easier for those in a hurry – we’ll now introduce you to ten of the best TVs that you should buy if you have a home as bright as the sunshine. The following are carefully selected and come from the most reputed brands in the industry.

In short, you pretty much can’t go wrong with one of the options showcased below!


Essential Features

The first entry on our list, from Insignia, is a 720p HD TV with rich colors. As its name implies, the device is equipped with Fire TV, which translates to an increased number of channels. You can enjoy Alexa integration, app availability, and many more. Naturally, the Alexa integration allows for full voice control over this TV.

In terms of size, the screen is almost 32 inches – which should be enough for a medium-sized room or a kitchen. For the technology geeks, its refresh rate is 60 hertz. Reportedly performs well when it comes to showcasing blacks. Keep in mind that it comes with a table mount only. You’ll need to search for a wall mount if you have pets and want to avoid accidents.


The Pros

One of the main pros is the brightness of this TV – according to many happy customers. It is unparalleled and very helpful when it comes to quite bright rooms. Then, as expected from such a well-reviewed product, people claimed its picture quality.

Last but not least, the smart features are a big plus as well. Voice recognition and Alexa integration being the two most popular ones.


The Cons

For technology geeks and enthusiasts, 720p might be too low – for example, you might want to watch and stream content in 4k. However, for an entry-level TV that comes with smart features and a great price, it will definitely make you happy.


What about the brand?

It goes without saying that, when buying fairly expensive tech, you want to know more about the brand. While Insignia might not be too popular in Europe, it is known overseas as Best Buy’s house brand that includes consumer electronics and similar products. Naturally, they’re value-oriented, so quality is guaranteed with the purchase.


Essential Features

Next up, we have a product from Hisense. This particular TV comes in three different sizes(32, 40, and 43 inches), as well as in multiple types of packages – meaning that, if needed, you can choose a particular soundbar to pair the TV with.

In terms of quality, the device can stream pictures in 1080p and also has built-in Wi-Fi, making it a content powerhouse for you and your family. Since it’s branded via Roku TV, it comes equipped with Roku’s proprietary home screen, as well as with its very helpful remote – not to mention the increased number of channels and shows. Last but not least, you can control the device with your phone, no matter the OS, or with your voice, via the Alexa integration (though this has to be purchased separately.


The Pros

First and foremost, the great majority of happy customers praised the product’s value for money. For a TV that can stream 1080p and can connect to Wi-Fi, the deal is too good to pass on.

Next, users also said they liked the picture quality, as well as the sound quality and the way the remote control is operated. While brightness was not mentioned by some of them, it still made it to the top of the most appreciated features of this product.


The Cons

One main con would be the fact that only the 43-inch version supports Alexa and/or Google Assistant – be aware of this before buying a pack. Moreover, you also need a Roku subscription so that the TV can operate at its maximum capacity.


What about the brand?

While you might be a bit skeptical regarding the brand – since it’s quite unknown -, rest assured as it is part of the Qingdao No group, which includes Toshiba as well. In fact, Hisense-built products might be sold as Toshiba and Gorenje which, as you might know, are two well-known retailers dealing with home appliances.


Essential Features

Well, you can’t really have a top of the best TV for bright room without mentioning Samsung, right? After all, they are leaders on the market when it comes to impressive technology. For example, this particular product is known as the frame, since it looks like a painting frame and can be mounted on walls. Not only that, but the casing of the TV can also have different colors, including wood accents such as beige and brown.

For those who like an increased number of options, the product comes with multiple available models – 32, 43, 50, 55, 65, and 75 inches. Still, the inches don’t matter when you experience the quantum dot technology that Samsung implemented – these dots reportedly can emit more than a billion shades of color, meaning that bright rooms will never be a problem for this TV.

It has built-in Alexa, features Wireless, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB, and can stream in up to 1080p resolution.


The Pros

Naturally, the brightness is the biggest plus of this TV. No matter how bright the room the product is placed in, you’ll never be able to tell if the light is shining on it – given the technology it uses, it might even be used outdoors, on a porch, or something similar.

Next on the list of pros, the TV excels at picture quality, the ease-of-use of the remote control, and sound quality.


The Cons

Reportedly, it comes with a bad mount design, especially in terms of screws – most customers stated that they’ve replaced the included screws with bigger, larger ones so that they could ensure a tight fit and grip on the wall of the TV.


What about the brand?

Well, do we really have to say something about Samsung? It’s a well-known brand throughout the world and, contrary to popular belief, they do make other things, not just smartphones. In fact, their TV brand might be on par with the smartphone one in terms of features and innovation.

You really can’t go wrong with a purchase from Samsung, especially if you’re a big fan of this brand.



Essential Features

This TV comes in 24, 13, 19, 22, 32, and 40-inch models, depending on your preferences. According to the user reviews, it is a budget-friendly option, especially given its features and characteristics.

In terms of resolution, the product is capable of streaming content in up to 1080p resolution. This is then paired with digital noise reduction technology to seamlessly increase the resolution and provide cleaner, sharper images.

Naturally, the product features AC, USB, and HDMI ports, meaning that it can be paired with a plethora of devices – from smartphones to sound systems and, obviously, personal computers. If you choose the 24-inch model, keep in mind that it’s mostly designed for use in RVs or on-the-go experiences. It might not be ideal for your living room, for example.


The Pros

Ease of use and brightness were two of the most appreciated features of this product – as expected for a product on our best TV for bright room list. Then, people also liked how the remote control and menu feel, as well as the picture and sound quality.

Last but not least, several customers stated that, given the materials used and build of the product, it seems quite durable.


The Cons

The product is AC only, not AC compatible, as possibly advertised. This aspect has made quite a couple of RV users quite angry since they can’t use this product in an RV. On top of that, the TV also lacks a DC socket.


What about the brand?

SuperSonic, even quite unknown to most people, has been on the market for more than 30 years and is fairly known as a manufacturer and seller of affordable and high-quality mobile and consumer electronics.

In short, while it might not be a famous brand, it can still create and deliver amazing TV-watching experiences with the family.


Essential Features

Next up, we have Amazon’s CHoice in terms of TVs. With more than 60k ratings and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, this product is sure to be found in more than just enough homes. You can choose between the 32, 40, 43, and 49-inch models. As a bonus, the 32-inch model comes with both 720p and 1080p variations.

When it comes to features, the product has both Alexa and Google Assistant integration, making it easy to control via your voice. Moreover, thanks to the Roku characteristics, you can also rely on the Roku mobile app to control the product.

Impressive brightness, fit for the best TV for bright room, is ensured by the direct-lit LED technology, while action scenes’ clarity is made better by the 60Hz refresh rate.


The Pros

The customers really enjoyed how easy to install and use this TV is, which is a big plus given how many smart features it comes with. If everyone was able to install it successfully, this means it shouldn’t be a problem to get it up and running in less than one hour, at best.

Then, as expected from its price tag and brand, the picture and sound quality were reportedly among the best available on the market.


The Cons

You have to fully set up a Roku account before being able to fully use the TV. Of course, the account doesn’t require any sensitive information, but it might be a hassle for some. Other than that, no downsides.


What about the brand?

TCL is a well-known Chinese brand, especially in the European environment – for some reason, they do seem to ship more TVs and electronics there. However, this doesn’t matter – what matters are the 30+ years of experience and activity the company has behind.

Overall, TCL provides people with amazing quality and sound but doesn’t excel at innovation and features. Therefore, if you’re not impressed by smart features and care more about picture and sound, a TV from this brand is ideal for you.


Essential Features

Now this one is a big boy, if we may say so – as it comes in 65-inches of 4K power. For many customers, this is the best 65-inch TV for bright room 2021 – there are not many who can compete with it. However, if you feel like it, you could go for the 75 or 85-inch models as well. On top of that, there are also multiple packages that you can choose from – either the TV alone, with a wall mount, or with one of the two soundbars available.

As mentioned, the TV is capable of streaming in 4K but not only that. Thanks to the near-4K and 4K X-Reality PRO technologies, you can also upscale to 4K pretty much anything you want to watch. On top of that, the triluminos display makes it so that colors aren’t altered during streaming.

For brightness, the product comes equipped with a full array LED with local dimming technology. Highlights are brighter, while dark scenes keep their detail regardless of how bright a room is. Last but not least, the TV is equipped with an HDMI 2.1 port, making it the perfect purchase if you have a console as well.


The Pros

Given the brand’s reputation, it goes without saying that the smart features and picture quality are the two best characteristics of this product. Then, the great majority of the customers praised its gaming capabilities – if needed, the HDMI 2.1 port supports a personal computer as well.

Surprisingly – since it’s on the more expensive end of the spectrum -, quite a lot of people stated that the product has a good value for money.


The Cons

Some users complained that the picture quality and appearance changes too much from app to app. While this is not a problem with the TV, it still means that you have to run through a lot of settings to make your favorite shows look how they should really look.

Another downside would be the fact that there are no smartphone apps to control the product.


What about the brand?

Same as with Samsung – what could we say about Sony? Well, compared to the former, Sony is actually much more famous in the TV industry. For instance, not many people know about Sony smartphones, but almost all of them know about Sony’s movies and TVs.

It’s a reputed manufacturer, well-known for its high-quality products – in short, a safe purchase.


Essential Features

Here is another beast, but this time from Samsung and as on QLED TV. This 85-inch monster is equipped with direct full array technology, meaning that the backlights are controlled, for a more intense contrast when it comes to rich blacks and bright whites. Then, as Samsung accustomed most of us, the product has an extreme viewing angle and anti-glare capabilities. The displayed picture will be as vibrant as it can get, no matter where you sit or how bright the room you’re in is.

Speaking of picture, the TV is equipped with 12x Quantum HDR, technology backed by a 4K Quantum processor. The latter can literally transform any show or movie that you watch in 4k enjoyment!


The Pros

Surprisingly, people thought that the brightness of the TV is better than the features it has to offer. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that the features were of poor quality – it’s just that the technologies backing up the brightness and viewing angles are too good!

As such, picture quality and value for money are the next best two pros of this product.


The Cons

Most issues are with the product’s menu and operating system. First of all, you might experience ads while using Samsung’s OS and some of its smart features. Then, as most people complained, some settings’ location is not quite intuitive.


What about the brand?

We already talked about Samsung – it’s as good as it can get! Even if you purchase something that turns out to be faulty or you simply don’t like it, then returning it won’t be a problem since this is a well-known company.


Essential Features

Of course, we can’t forget about LG, another well-known brand in the industry. This particular model is available in 43, 50, 55, 65, and 75 inches, according to your preferences. Obviously, the most impressive feature of the TV is the real 4K display which is paired with high contrast and bright colors. The display is backed by a quad-core 4K processor so that the image doesn’t lose quality.

The TV runs on WEBOS and features LG’s AI THINKQ feature so that you can control the product much easier. In terms of refresh rate, the TV stands at 60Hz native but can output up to 120 frames per second, via the TruMotion technology that can also reduce blur.


The Pros

As one of the best TV for bright room, this product from LG is praised for its amazing brightness that doesn’t sacrifice contrast or sharpness. At the same time, picture quality is reportedly of the same standards.

Last but not least, given the features and the Alexa/Google Assistant integration, customers couldn’t deny the product’s value for money.


The Cons

Reportedly, the viewing angle is not that wide. While it does prevent glare and sun rays from messing up the screen, some customers stated that it’s a pain to watch it from the side.


What about the brand?

LG is yet another giant in the industry, present across all types of devices – smartphones, gadgets, devices, and so on, up to TVs. That’s about it – LG is known for quality and also decent customer service.

It shouldn’t be an issue if you want to find out some details straight from them or you have an issue with your TV.


Essential Features

Next up, we have a 24-inch TV from VIZIO. Even though not many know this brand, this product still is one of the best TV for bright rooms glare 2019. It can stream content in up to 1080p and runs on CRT display technology. The refresh rate is of 60Hz which is quite enough for a TV. One of the main points of focus for this TV is the crystal clear sound – specifically up to 97dB, according to preferences. This is then paired with the DTS Virtual:X technology which adds surround audio as well as height to the audio, making for a cinema-like experience with just a 24-inch TV.

Last but not least, sticking to sound, you will also enjoy two built-in subwoofers if you purchase this product. In short, while it lacks a bit of size, it’s the ideal choice for a bedroom or a medium-sized living room.


The Pros

The picture and sound quality were two of the most appreciated features of this product – however, according to some users, they weren’t on par with other similar products. What stole the show were the smart features, especially the Chromecast integration.


The Cons

The size doesn’t cut it. Some customers stated that, while the TV packs enough smart features, they become annoying as they struggle to read what’s happening on the screen.


What about the brand?

VIZIO is an American brand, with a rather recent history on the market, especially compared with Toshiba and the likes. It was founded in 2002 and designs mainly televisions and soundbars. They also interact with advertising and analysis of the viewer data.


Essential Features

We have another TV from LG, but this time it is an OLED – just in case you want something more for your living room, so to speak. This one is available in 48, 55, 65, 77, and 83 inches, and depending on the offer, you might be able to purchase it with a soundbar as well.

It features an astonishing 120Hz refresh rate and can stream content in up to 4K. When it comes to really special features, it packs a 4K AI processor, AI picture and sound control, Dolby Atmos and Vision, as well as webOS and LG’s THINKQ AI.

In short, it’s a full-fledged smart TV that has all the qualities you could wish for – including bright room operation capabilities.


The Pros

The picture quality of the product is rated at almost 5 stars and made more than just enough people happy, according to the reviews. Then, thanks to the 120 HZ refresh rate, many gamers enjoyed having this beast in their room as well.

Then, the smart features and the TV’s overall value for money are highly appreciated as well.


The Cons

Reportedly, the menu is not up to “2021 standards” and feels more than just slow, in some cases. Some people had issues with this – but if you’re the patient type, it shouldn’t be a problem.


What about the brand?

We already talked about LG – one of the industry’s giants. In regards to the product above, a lot of customers stated that the OLED technology used is state of the art and the TV does more than just what’s advertised when it comes to picture quality.


How Do You Buy the Best TV for Bright Room On Your Own?

Just in case you don’t find what you’re looking for in the products showcased above, we’ve also prepared for you a comprehensive buying guide – meaning, what things should you take into account when searching for a product that’s ideal for bright rooms.

Let’s jump straight to it!


HDR vs. 4K

You might now know this, but HDR provides a higher color and brightness range, while 4K comes with a more defined and sharper image, which is ideal for bright rooms. This statement sounds contradictory, especially when you realize that you can’t find TVs that have both HDR and 4K.

So what’s the deal with these?

Well, HDR works better for the image quality – you experience more colors and richer whites and darker blacks. 4K, on the other side, sharpens the image to crystal clear, crisp quality, making it viewable even in the brightest rooms.


What about reflection?

When it comes to reflection, the general consensus is that OLED TVs are the best – this is why we also included one in our list. Basically, the best TV for bright room is an OLED TV. However, these can be a bit on the expensive end, so to say.

If you don’t want to invest in an OLED TV, then a product with a matte screen will probably be enough. You could also try a Sony product that features triluminous display technology – integrated into LCD TVs, this technology provides an increased color range and better behavior in bright rooms.


How important is resolution?

Very important! Even 720p might cut it for some people or for TVs that are meant for use on the road, in an RV, it won’t be enough for a living room. After all, you can enjoy 4K videos on YouTube, right?

As such, you shouldn’t go for anything under 1080p unless the situation calls for it. If you really want to buy the best TV for bright room without sacrificing quality, go for a 1080p or 4K TV.


What about the refresh rate?

Even if some people state that a 60Hz refresh rate is enough, this has changed with modern TVs and technology. A 4K TV running on a 60Hz refresh rate or lower will most likely display a lot of motion blur – this may even cause nausea to some people.

However, a TV capable of only 1080p should do just well with 60Hz – the two match very well, since this is also the standard quality that comes in the majority of monitors. Just keep in mind that a 4K TV with only a 60Hz refresh rate might give off quite a lot of motion blur.


Contrast ratio is vital for the Best TV for bright room!

A highly customizable and adjustable contrast ratio is preferred for those that want to buy a TV for bright rooms. This feature allows you to change the darkest and brightest points of a TV – by making blacks really dark or whites really white, according to the light level in your room.


Should you care about ports and connections?

Definitely – as most TV channel providers and not only nowadays come with their own signal box. For example, Chromecast requires an HDMI adaptor, whereas your local news station might need cable or satellite.

Even if you plan on using just Netflix or other streaming apps, keep in mind that an HDMI connector is always needed – you never know when you want to turn your TV into a monitor. The same applies to sound-related ports – a good soundbar or sound system can really change your whole viewing experience.


What about choosing the brand?

In this case, personal preference and availability come into play. Certain states or countries might not even have VIZIO available, especially if you decide to buy from a local store and not Amazon.

On the other hand, well-known brands such as Samsung and Sony come with a rather pricey tag. This is the main reason why we built this buying guide – so that you can jump over the brand and consider features and characteristics first.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions?


What kind of TV is best for bright rooms?

As mentioned above, a TV with a wide contrast ratio, preferably HDR is the best TV for bright rooms. But this doesn’t mean that OLED or other types are not. For example, matte screens can perform amazing even in high-light conditions.

It is also worth mentioning that some TVs do come with anti-glare features or an anti-glare layer that can help quite a lot, so make sure to check these out as well.


Is OLED good in a best TV for a bright room?

OLED technology is probably the best when it comes to picture quality. Pair it with a 4K display and you get the ultimate viewing experience. However, OLED alone might not be enough for extremely bright rooms.

If your TV has OLED only and not any other anti-glare-specific features, then it should at least come with a highly adjustable brightness and contrast ratio. The last two features can be very helpful, even in older TVs.


How do I reduce the light glare on my TV?

Glare is extremely annoying. However, avoiding it doesn’t mean having a room as dark as possible – or watching TV only during the night. For starters, you can make sure that all the blinds on your windows are no and that no sun rays can get inside the room.

In most cases, a very bright room alone is not enough to create glare. What creates glare are reflections and refractions – from windows, glass tables, and so on. Sometimes, it’s enough to slightly change your viewing position for the glare to go away.


IS OLED or Qled better?

OLED is known for having a better viewing angle and deeper levels in terms of blacks. At the same time, it also uses much less power than any other technology. Some studies also showed that it might be better for your eyes as well.

QLED, on the other hand, can deliver higher brightness and supports screens of larger sizes. Since QLED is basically LCD LED with an extra step, it might also be cheaper than OLED with some TVs. At the same time, it also lasts longer.

So,  in theory, since QLED can deliver higher brightness, it should be the ideal choice when it comes to the best TV for bright room. However, according to customers online, the differences are noticeable only when it comes to picture quality and viewing angle – both are just as good in bright rooms.


The Bottom Line

Choosing the best TV for bright room is certainly not easy, especially since you can’t actually test it beforehand to see how it deals with high levels of light. One trick we can recommend is to go to your local electronics store and analyze the TVs showcased there.

Usually, they are under high levels of light – since it’s a store – and you can easily see which one produces glare and which one does not. Then, you can easily order a TV with the same specifications or even better – or from the same brand – from the comfort of your home. Remember to use the Internet as well. A best TV for bright room Reddit page can really help you, especially if you find a detailed post.

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